Monday, May 18, 2009

New House~

Well, after only 3 weeks on the market (this time around anyways), we have a contract on our house and the contract for our new house has been accepted. Judging home inspections, mortgage appraisals and all else goes well, we will be moving on June 17th! So, pray, pray, pray all goes well. Stuart and I are sure are!

So, now I'm freaking out, just a little though because I'm too excited!! I was told by my friend, Rachel, as we were discussing this yesterday "just pack two boxes a day, and you'll be packed before you know it!" I plan to take that advice and start tonight. Stuart and I decided to label boxes to the room in which items are currently located so that we'll know what's in the box without having to open it and drag everything out (i.e. hall closet - linens). The good thing is the people buying our house don't have to move right away as they are in a rented condo. They said we coud take a couple extra days after the closing if necessary.

Anyways, that is our big news! I will post pictures better pictures very soon. One thing is for sure, now, none of you have an excuse not to come down and visit us!! We now have plenty of room and a pool so you can get that nice Florida tan before you go home! YAY!!! (Perfect timing for the blistering hot summer, eh?)

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  1. Your new home is just beautiful!! I know you are excited to move and get settled. Perhaps time off from work is in order to get it settled:) We look forward to a visit..