Thursday, July 26, 2012

$100 Makeover: Guest Bath / Stencil Question

It's been a crazy few days!  Between guest bathroom remodeling, a small 24 hour cold bug, work and the prep for family and Lallie's birthday bash this weekend.....we are worn out!   But the house is ready for receiving guests and we can't wait for everyone to get here to celebrate Lallie's big 5th birthday (yay!!!)

Here are the before pictures of the guest bathroom.  This is the one room in the house that I desperately despise.  I dislike the tile, the color, the cabinets...I don't like any of it.  The worst though was the wallpaper.  I couldn't stand the icky brown and gold colors (though I do love palm trees....just not in this color combination) and am so glad that it's GONE!  I think I told you before that the paper was in bad shape too, peeling and water damaged.  It was just a hot mess.

Plus I just LOVE Hollywood lighting.  I love the bright bulbs, the extreme heat they put out, the dust they gather all over the top!  (You do get that I'm being sarcastic here, right?)

So, we did a quick remodel.  Sunday, we removed the wallpaper.  Monday, Husband did some drywall (as the wallpaper made a mess of the walls) and primed.  Tuesday, Husband finalized the drywall and priming and we painted (I cut in, Husband rolls).  Wednesday, we cleaned up, put in the new light fixture and re-hung the medicine cabinet, shower curtain and towel racks.

Husband "scoring" the wall with the Paper Tiger.  It punches tiny holes in the wallpaper so the DIF solution can penetrate the glue so it call be easily stripped.  ("Easily stripped."  Haha....that's funny.  It was FAR from "easily stripped.")

I won't show any AFTER pictures yet because we need to decorate to match the new color scheme (a very light green, very fresh and clean - Behr Meadow Light).  For now, with guests coming, we just re-hung everything we already had as a time saver.
Already better and brighter!  Wallpaper GONE!  (See all the teensy, tiny wallpaper pieces on the floor?  Easily stripped?  Not one bit!
Longer term plans include removing the mirror and replacing it with a wall hanging mirror and eventually, replacing the cabinet, tile and toilet but those are down the road.  The tub is ceramic so I don't see us ever replacing it.

At least with the new green, I don't severely dislike the cabinet and tile.  They look more cream colored than beige now so we are happy campers!

Now, here's a question.  See that large section of wall above the toilet?  Husband wants to put a stencil of some sort there (maybe a palm tree, sticking to that decor).  

I'm resisting this idea but do know that stencils are big in decorating right now.

What do you think?  Where would you look for a stencil?  What would you suggest?

In other news, Lallie had Silly Day at school a few days ago.  This is the outfit she picked, complete with a french braid on one side of her hair and a pony tail with a big bow on the other.  She won the prize for Silliest Dresser.  :-)  (The sun was in her face, thus the severe squint).

I think this picture is hilarious.  This is on the way home from Silly Day in her Silly Hat.


Lastly - I started working on my next $100 Makeover closet!  
Remember THIS post?  

I pulled down a couple of boxes that haven't been unpacked since we moved into our other house in 2003 (wowsers).  One box was filled with heavy coats and I wonder why we never did unpack this box?  Hmmmm..... 

Anyways, look what I found!!!  My old Express jean jacket from the 90's!  Yahoo!  Everyone is back into the jean jacket craze and I just purchased one for Lallie for this coming fall.  I have been wanting to buy one, but now I don't have to!  Yay!

Happy Thursday Y'all!


  1. I love the color. And I had that same jacket

  2. That wallpaper was horrible...can't wait to see the reveal! Not sure how I feel about stenciling though! I'd just put a pretty picture or something above it!

  3. here is my favorite stencil resource:

    they have AMAZING patterns and give fabulous suggestions & tips. good luck!

  4. When I recently redid my bathroom, I too wondered what I should do with the large space above the toilet. My husband wanted to rehang a painting we had there. I held off, living for a while with the space empty. I did all the mudding, touch up work and painting so I really did not want to put any extra holes in the wall. I'm glad I waited because I decided instead to put two small paintings on the small wall on the side of the toilet and leave the space above it empty. This way, when people walk in, they see the painting. Most people aren't facing the wall above the toilet at any time (and if they are, ahem, men, they should be paying attention to the business at hand, not the wall space!)