Monday, July 16, 2012

Birchbox, Three Islands and Weekend

Good morning all! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.

I have a couple things I will tell you about very soon.  One...Three Island Clothing.  LOVE their tunics!  Husband and I went fishing a couple weeks ago and I wore my tunic on the boat the entire time!  It was so lightweight and breathable and kept my skin protected.  Loved it!  So, coming soon Lallie and I will be modeling our tunics for you (hopefully during another fishing trip)!  AND, I'm sure I'll be purchasing more in the coming months!


Two - Birchbox.  Okay, raise your hand if your in love with Birchbox!  I am.  I am absolutely LOVING my Stila bronzer from the June box.  I can't wait to get the July box to try everything out.  Ashleigh doesn't get the whole sampling thing (she says she throws them into a drawer and never used them.) Me.... I tear into the box the second they come in and try everything out.  Love it!


Lastly - our weekend.   

Friday night, we headed out in Barbie (the big truck) for ice cream.  I remember when I was a kid, my parents used to pile us in the mini van to head to the Dairy Queen for ice cream and blizzards.  If it was nice outside, we'd stay on the playground to let my little brother play for a little while.  We're carrying on the tradition by taking Lallie out for ice cream (after bath, after dinner, in her PJ's).  

In this picture:
Lallie:   "Mommy, I want to eat my ice cream!" 
Me:  "Okay, but one picture please?" 
Daddy:  "Yes, Lallie, take a picture because mommy HAS TO HAVE a picture of EVERYTHING!" 

I'm happy to see McD's brought back the dipped cone, but for a turned out to be a big mess, so Husband and I had to break off the chocolate and eat it ourselves (Darn!)

Saturday, we headed up to Lake Placid for the day with friends.  We beached, boated and grilled and headed back home that night.  

Of course, when we get with the K family, there's always some sort of incident (just kidding....or am I?)  Saturday after dinner around 7:15, M convinced us to stick around and take  a sunset boat cruise.  The boat belongs to A (our five year old buddy) and he captains it quite well (with Daddy's help of course)!  It looked like we had enough gas, but alas we did not!  So, R waved down a nearby boat who towed us back to shore (we have plenty of pictures to show R trying to paddle us back to shore, it was pretty hilarious).  No worries, it was a beautiful night for a sunset "tow" and it's not a big lake so it took maybe ten minutes.

Oh but wait, there's more.  

A HUGE cloud out of nowhere came upon us and it started pouring down rain.  Absolutely pouring.  So R and I hid behind a life jacket while M, Husband and the kids hunkered down underneath the bimini top.  If only I was dry enough to get a picture of the men with the kids.  They all were soaking wet and had completely blank stares.  They were pretty cute actually.  It was definitely an incident we won't soon forget!

Lallie and L.  L is about 16 months younger than Lallie, but lately they've become very close. 

Happy Monday Y'all!


  1. You know I say live your life! I think your Lallie stories are the best part, of course this is old Mrs. Kindergarten here!

    Love and Hugs from the Beach,
    Mrs. K.

  2. It is your blog and you can write about what you wish as often as you want to.

  3. I love Birchbox too. Even if your family doesn't appreciate all the photos, your blog followers do. So, keep snapping shots of everything!

    1. My family always appreciates the photos, Husband was just joking when he said that. Lallie was just annoyed because she's a four year old that really wanted that ice cream! Haha!

  4. I just applied for a job in NY with Birchbox men... I would KILL to work for them! Here's hoping. :)


    1. Oh yay! How exciting! I hope you get the job, that'd be fantastic!

  5. I can't eat the dipped cones without making a huge mess. But man they taste good!

    Sounds like quite an adventure on the boat! But a fun one!

  6. I love tunics!! Will be checking this out :)

  7. I love dipped cones but haven't had one in years! Besides the rain...seems like a great time away!