Monday, July 30, 2012

Lallie's 5th Birthday Weekend

Saturday, we celebrated Lallie's big 5th Birthday!!  Today is actually the big day (to which Lallie woke up asking if she was any taller.  She also asked this on Saturday and cried when she discovered her legs were still the same length).

Friday night, we went out to dinner and then stopped by Cold Stone Creamery to start off the sugar infested birthday weekend.  Lallie eyed the chocolate covered cone and of course, Grandaddy complied with her request! :-)
We started out the day opening the family gifts.  Here's her newest dress-up dress, princess hat and nail polish from Aunt Jess and Uncle Pat.  A true girly girl!

I love this picture.  Lallie received a wedding dress outfit from Husband and I.  She has LIVED in this dress since she opened it (whenever we're home and the veil to dinner last night).  She has already started planning her wedding, asking if she can wear my dress and if I will make her flower girl dresses like Ashleigh's wedding.  
Oh boy.  
The red thing is a crab pool float from one of her friends.

The AMAZING rainbow cake!!
And the inside of the amazing rainbow cake!!!  And it tasted even better than it looks!  This was made by a good friend of mine that owns a cake shop and she is just so talented!  We had to take 20 pictures before we could even eat it! 

Lallie and her Aunt Jess.  :-)

Lallie and Aunt R.


The Lilly girls.  :-)

It was hot, hot, hot so we ordered a snow cone machine!  We also had a bounce house and the kids loved it!  They were in and out of the pool and bounce house all afternoon.

Snow cone central.  Thanks Husband!  (He must have spent an hour making them for the kids).

A spoiled little girl!

 That night, the family went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant where Lallie was serenaded with Happy Birthday.

Our last night with the family, one the way home from dinner.

It was a great weekend!  We missed my family, Ashleigh and Matt, but they were all here with us in spirit.

Happy Monday Y'all!


  1. What a wonderful birthday celebration! I'm so glad she had such a great time. What a beautiful cake! Your friend is very talented!

    Have a great week!

  2. What a cute little princess! :) That crab float is too funny.

  3. Happy birthday Lallie!

    That cake is so cool and it looks like she had a great birthday celebration!

  4. that cake is so cool! Happy birthday Lallie!

  5. Happy Birthday Lallie!!!
    I love that photo of her on the couch.

  6. What a fabulous birthday! That cake is amazing! It looks like it was such a fun party!