Monday, July 23, 2012

U.K. Update and Weekend Update ($100 Makeover)

Wow!  I cannot believe the outpouring love for our Mr. Dog a/k/a U.K.  I certainly appreciate it!  It's amazing how (dog lover or not) these animals become a part of the family. 

Last night, even though it was annoying the daylights out of me, I thought to myself how much I really do enjoy having U.K. at my heels as I clear the dinner table, hoping that he would get a scrap or two.  I would miss Lallie's big smile as she feeds U.K. those desired scraps.  I would miss U.K.'s special trick, the hug.  U.K. can't jump up and do this anymore but if Husband is sitting on the floor and you say "U.K. hug" he comes over and leans up against you so hard that you almost fall over.  He's giving us genuine hugs!   

Anyways, on to the diagnosis.  The vet says I was freaking out a bit.  That U.K. is very healthy given his age and this is just par for the course as he gets older.  He gave us pain pills however, I wouldn't know when to give them to him.  He's always smiling and wagging his tail, pain or not!

The above being said, both bloggers and friends in real life have told me that this is common as goldens get older and are nearing the end (pains me to say that). 

I'm sorry, but if it were Husband or Lallie that suddenly couldn't get up and acted paralyzed, I'd be worried and totally freaked out.  But then it got me to thinking about what it's like for older people (my grandparents, our elders).  Is this what it's like when you're body just doesn't work anymore?  You have a hard time getting out of the chair and then something just won't move like it's meant?  I mean I know that's true and that is what actually happens, but you don't really think about it in depth until you actually live with someone (or some-dog) in that situation.

The main thing, Mr. Dog is doing fine, he's just plain old.  

Still makes me sad though.


This past Saturday, Lallie and I had a Mommy-Daughter date.  We went shopping at the mall, stopping by Target on the way home for birthday party supplies for next Saturday and then we went out to lunch.  That afternoon, we stopped by the library.  Lallie LOVES the library and came home with a whopping twelve books!  She LOVES to read!  

After we got home, we went swimming for a while and then some friends stopped by for a little visit.  Saturday night, we stopped by Home Depot (more on that below) and then stopped by a local fish joint for some of the best fish tacos I've ever had!


Back to the Home Depot trip.

Saturday night, Husband and I decided to do a last minute home improvement project.  Of course, in our household, it wouldn't be a home improvement project unless it was done on-the-fly, one week before the family arrives!  Yes we do.  We ALWAYS manage to get ourselves into something major (and something in which the guests would so desperately need while visiting) just a few days before my parents, his parents, his brother, Ashleigh....any of them come to visit!

The last time we re-did a guest bathroom, it was just a few weeks before Ashleigh was coming to visit in our old house.  Except with that bathroom, we ripped everything out, right down to the stud walls and started over with new fixtures and everything.  That was fun!

It's like a newborn baby.  New mothers always find themselves in a similar situation.  "Oh no, baby is getting tired and ready to go down for a better....empty the dishwasher, start a load of laundry, sweep the floors, clean out the fridge, start on dinner and fix my hair.....before the baby goes down."

That's us, but with home improvements projects.  "Oh no, the family is'd better...... strip down the wallpaper in the guest bathroom, drywall, paint and re-decorate and we'd better hurry because they'll be here in four days!"   

Did I forget to mention that we both work full time?
(and I don't do drywall....thank goodness Husband does!)?

So yesterday, we scored the paper, removed it, removed the backing and Husband started working on drywall repairs.  We want to paint rather than re-install new wallpaper, so he needed to smooth out the walls and put on some fresh drywall mud.  We've never removed wallpaper before so we were learning as we went.  For this tiny room, it took three hours to remove the wallpaper.

What was Lallie doing during all of this?  Watching a movie (since it was raining outside) and playing princesses.  Here's a picture of her taking a break and eating a healthy snack (wheat tortillas cut up into triangles, sprayed with olive oil spray and baked for 15 minutes.....just a little aside there).  Yes, that is a doll stroller.

I'm looking forward to showing you the before and after pictures!  I left my camera at home, so you'll get the before pictures tomorrow.  

I know I said my closet would be the first in the $100 Makeover series, but that's taking a little longer to organize than I thought!  Even though the bathroom is more labor intensive, it's not as much organization, so that's up first!

Until tomorrow......

Happy Monday Y'all!


  1. I am glad UK is going to be fine - and I think you did the right thing by "freaking out!"

  2. I think you work best under presure. The remodeling projects always turn out fantastic!

  3. So glad to hear that the problem with UK was not serious. Good luck with the bathroom project, I know it will be amazing once you finish.

  4. Aww love to your pup! Your little girl is such a doll! Love that shes in a doll stroller:)

  5. I'm so glad UK is fine! I can't wait to see your bathroom--I'm sure it will be beautiful!

  6. I'm way behind on blog reading, once again. Poor sweet UK!! They (animals) become such a part of the family, don't they? B and I have tossed back and forth the idea of moving out of the country for a while, and I have to say that when I've thought about leaving Ivy I've ended up in tears. You and Lallie look so sweet on your date! Glad you are enjoying your summer. :)

  7. Oh I have had 3 labs in our family and they are the bear dogs and it is so hard to watch them get older bc they still try to be their happy selves even rhough they r hurting. Can't wait to see the 100 makeover results:)

  8. I am glad U.K. is ok. My lab got like that in her old age. We just made sure she was comfortable. The vet said as long as she's still wagging her tail it's all good!

  9. Oh UK... I'm so glad he is ok but no one wants their pup to get older! What a sweetie! xo