Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What Does Lallie Do After School?

What does Lallie do after school?   
Well here's one little snapshot from last night.

We arrived home around 5:00 and from then until dinner time, we painted her fingernails and toenails and watched the last half of Jurassic Park until the nails dried.  Usually we spend our evenings in the pool until dinner time but it has rained nearly every evening for two weeks! We certainly love and need the rain though, so we can't complain.  I know the rest of the country needs the rain for sure! 

No worries about the movie choice either.  Lallie's scare factor is pretty much at zero so Husband and I just make really loud noises whenever a bad word is said (which in this movie is very rare) and we move on.  (As I side note, you should hear us when we cover up bad words.....we sound like gobbling turkeys.  It's pretty funny).  She loves the dinosaurs and most specifically, the T-Rex that saves the day in the end. 

Would you believe it if I said one of her favorite rainy day movies is Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

Anyways, back to the nails, we started out with the Blue-Ming Color Club® Summer Pastels Collection I had tried the color earlier in the day and realized we were going to need multiple coats.  Lallie decided she didn't want to sit through several coats.  She wanted to play!  So we went with the standard Mod Square pink by Essie.

So after painting her nails, Lallie assumed the nail drying position!  (Do you like her headband?  Can't really see it well, but I wrapped a plastic band with pink grosgrain ribbon and then took some old Lilly fabric and made a flower and used it as the headband accessory.  Lallie is a headband girl, not much for hair bows).

Daddy made dinner, his fantastic Daddy Chicken Nuggets (as Lallie calls them).  We both have our own way of making chicken so she'll ask for it by saying "Mommy's Chicken" or "Daddy's Chicken."  I was enjoying a little peace and quite time....after all, Lallie was waiting for her nails to dry and Daddy was cooking, so I caught up on my latest book, 
11/22/63 by Stephen King (FANTASTIC BOOK!)

Dinnertime can be somewhat challenging.  Okay, it's ALWAYS challenging.  Lallie is not a picky eater, but she is slow and doesn't eat a all.  We usually have to sit with her for an additional 15-30 minutes after we finish, coaxing her along.  
Sometimes she gets silly, like last night.  She was laughing and slammed her hand on the table, catching her plate in the process which flipped over.  

This resulted in big tears from Lallie and a very happy and well fed dog!

Sometimes before we get home from school and work, we stop by Publix for some quick groceries.  As of late, this little guy has accompanied us to the store.  He is dragged through the store by a leash made out of colorful beads as Lallie talks to it in her high pitch, sweet as can be voice, "Come on puppy, stand up puppy, use your legs puppy."  Of course, it took twice as long to get through Publix because we were constantly stopping to correct the puppy's walking stance but how could I discourage it?  She certainly was putting a big smile on every other shopper's face!  
I love this kid!

One last little story for you.

Lallie: "Mommy, I had a dream last night that A found my ankle bracelet that I lost at the beach.  I know this because when I'm sleeping, my eyes roll back into my head and can see my brain.  That way my eyes know what I'm thinking, even when I'm asleep."

Pretty good description of why we remember dreams in my opinion!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!


  1. I love the nail drying position. I'm going to have to remember that :)

  2. That must be the only puppy they allow in Publix! Speaking of Publix, do you love their key lime pie as much as my family does? We were in Orlando in December and we went through three of them. My dad still talks about them!

    1. Oh my goodness yes! Husband, Lallie and I don't get them often because we eat it all in one sitting! Thank goodness for the half-pie they sell! It is a must whenever we have visitors though and whenever someone has a party or get-together, someone always brings a Publix keylime pie! Always! Not to mention, they're the perfect shade of green. :-)

  3. She sounds like such a sweet girl!

  4. aww thats so cute. she might of just come up with the best way to paint your nails!

  5. love nail drying position! I may need to try that the next time I paint mine!

  6. So...Lallie continues to be adorable. I love her 'puppy'! Little envious that you got to spend time's a luxury I've been missing out on.

  7. NOw that is a description for dreams.