Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Keys Trip Pictures

I am back and FINALLY caught up on work and housework since being gone on vacation.  As you may recall, we decided at the very last minute to head down to the Keys.  We missed one day, but wow, what a great decision!

The weather was fabulous!  Sunny and perfect, certainly better than the rest of Florida due to Tropical Storm Debby.  It was a little too windy and choppy for water skiing or great fishing, but the boys did manage a couple fishing trips and R. did manage to get one ski in while there.

Here are some pictures from the trip!

Best friends, Lallie, A and L.

Taking the girls out on a boat ride.  Lallie and L are in there somewhere!

Swimming in the bay with Lallie.  (My back was SO burnt the next day...yes, I wore sunscreen).

Playing Frisbee in the bay.

Heading out for umbrella drinks at the Islamorada Fish House.

R and I on the way to umbrella drink time.  Can't go to the Keys without a pina colada! :-)
The kids LOVED going out on the boats.

Best friends.

L giving Lallie a pedicure.  She had gotten a manicure earlier.  So girly, I love it!

Sunsets are always a joy for the kids in the Keys.  They are so fascinated (as are we adults) by how quick it goes.
Feeding the tarpon at Robbie's.  HUGE tarpon at Robbie's.

Duck lips mean somethings up. Here, it means "I will not swim in the bay with everyone else!"


Bye sun....until next time!

Happy Tuesday Y'all!