Friday, March 14, 2014

5 Year Blogging....Then and now.

I didn't realize that is was my blogiversary until another blogger posted about theirs.  On March 6th, I marked my fifth year blogging!  Five whole years!  Wow, a lot has happened in five years.

Clearly, Lolly has grown up and has become the most beautiful 6.5 year old I've ever known or met!  And this past year, we added another sweet daughter to the litter.  Along the way, we lost our furbaby, U.K., a sweet animal that will never be replaced. We sold our first house and moved into the second of I'm sure what will not be the last.   We've owned and sold boats (a pastime hobby in South Florida).  We've traveled from the Keys to Illinois (but no where north or west) and everywhere in between.  Lots of things have happened and not a single thing would I change.
Lolly at Home Depot during my love of Vera Bradley phase, learning how to scribble (with a pen no less, gasp!)  Never would that happen now.  :-)
So, where will the next five years take us?  Well, outside of gymnastics, dance, school, girl scouts, Montessori (and the recent request for piano lessons)....who knows?

For now, we have a summer planned for North Captiva Island, Kentucky and Apalachicola and in the near future, we'd like to go out west to introduce the family to the mountains (where I've frequented throughout my life but my family has yet to see).  We also have plans to take a European river cruise for our 40th (or 40 plus if you're Husband) birthdays.   Other than that, and outside of Husband's massive 50 year long retirement spreadsheet, we'll just go where the wind blows us.  The mystery shall be exciting!  

Happy Friday Y'all!


  1. Congrats! This is my 5th year blogging too. My anniversary was Feb. 24th.

  2. Congratulations on your 5 years. I'm in your blogging "class" too, was 5 years 2/15/2014. We're the survivors, right?:)