Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Hodge Podge and St. Patty's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day y'all!  
Love that chunky, happy face!  Her shirt says "Kiss Me for Good Luck."  Who wouldn't?
Husband has been bugging me to get my hair done, this picture proves it.  I'm the weird one who loves skincare, fashion etc., but really hates getting my hair done.  So I procrastinate as long as possible.  I just hate sitting there, bored out of my mind, while making chit chat with the hair stylist that I don't know all that well.  And I inevitably always end up next to someone who's into weird stuff like emu oil ingestion, is a breastfeeding expert and only showers once a week because it's "good for the skin."  Yeah, that happened last time I went.  So, can you blame me?
We had fun with hair this weekend.  I'll highlight on this more later.  But notice anything missing?  Yep, three teeth out so far.  Had to have one extracted by the dentist on Thursday because the adult tooth was growing in behind the baby one!  Lolly found the whole thing exciting and it wasn't because of the tooth fairy (which she boldly proclaimed the other day that she knows the tooth fairy isn't real and that Daddy and I are the tooth fairy.  My baby girl has grown up.  She's getting adult teeth for crying out loud!)
I have little green in my closet and this picture makes the dress look blue, but it is green. It's the Lilly Pulitzer Gretchen dress with my Tory Burch Camilla flats for St. Patrick's Day.  Hey, at least I won't get pinched!

Remember how I said we had fun with hair this weekend?  Lolly thought of many different ways she could fix her hair.  Here's one way, with a single braid and then pulled back into a bun.  That braid she wanted to leave in overnight to see what would happen.  She discovered her hair crimped and she decided she wanted her whole head to be crimped.

So last night after her shower, we braided her hair all over her head.  My hands hurt.

And this is the result.  She's a happy camper but for the sake of my hands, this will be an ever-so-often type thing as I know she'll want this to be a fad for the next few days.

As you may or may not know, the SEC Championship was yesterday and Kentucky played the Florida Gators in what was a very tough game right up until the end.  We had about 14 seconds on the clock with possession of the ball and we were one point down.   We could have won if it weren't for an unfortunate slip and fall by the possessing player.  It was sad but you have to feel bad for the guy.  I have no idea how he is feeling right now, but I'd say, pretty rotten.  It was a great game and we are proud to sport our Kentucky blue in Gator territory and are very proud of our Kentucky Wildcats!!  They played very well!

Lolly greatly enjoyed science night at school.  She LOVES going to this event every year.  It's a must-not-miss occasion in her book.  Of course, having an engineering science nerd for a daddy helps make the experience that much more fun!

We love feeding H.G.!  This weekend we introduced sweet potatoes.  Seriously, this kid can EAT!  A very BIG difference from Lolly who doesn't eat a thing (from day 1).

Last but not least, I LOVE Smocked Auctions.  Seriously, how adorable is this bubble?  Since H.G. has so many hand me downs from Lolly, I don't mind buying an outfit here or there for her as my pocketbook isn't broken down like it was the first time we had a baby (thankfully, I had the foresight to keep everything....I mean EVERYTHING).  I just wish it would stay warm long enough for H.G. to start wearing all these cute things.

Happy St. Patrick's Day Y'all!


  1. I LOVE Lolly's hair!! It turned out great. And H.G. looks too adorable! We can't wait to come and see you guys and wool that baby till she gets the sore eye (KY saying folks)!

  2. Hate getting your hair done?? Oh, boy! It's one of my favorites! I love Smocked Auctions too but it can cause you to go broke! LOL!! Love the braids.

  3. Your girls are so cute! When I was younger, I went through a phase where I made my mom blow dry my very thick, very curly hair every morning so it was straight! Sometimes I still beg her to do my hair for me haha!

  4. So cute! I remember how exciting it was to have my cousin braid my hair, so I could wear it crimped the next day. :)
    The Grass Skirt

  5. The girls are growing so fast.