Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Office - Quel Nightmare (I need an office makeover!)

I am a neat freak at home.  I can't stand to sit down without my kitchen sink clean (thanks Flylady), the house de-cluttered and everything in its place.  I'm the type to make the bed at 7 pm, just because it's unmade, even though I'll be getting into it a couple hours later.  It's kind of driving me nuts that I have baby gear out but what can one do....I have a baby!  

All that being said, last week I had to send the office Computer Guru to my office to complete some updates.  Since he couldn't be there until 7 pm, during the girl's bedtime routines, I sent Husband over to meet him.

The response I got from Husband about the condition of my office was hysterical.  I can't exactly remember what he said, but I'm sure these (bad quality) pictures will give a glimpse.  Let's just say that my work and home life are drastically different, in both personality and apparently....cleanliness / organization.    

I would like to call this Organized Chaos.  And I will say that I'm not the only one at my company with a disastrous office.  In fact, the administrative assistants say that if our offices are clean and a couple of us (including moi) aren't ranting or raving over something or other....then be looking for a new job.

But really.....HELP!!  I need an office makeover!  Anyone want to come give me one (for free....hint, I like pink).  

Goodness, this is actually embarrassing now that I stand back and really take a look.

That random hanger has been there for about two years.  Actually, since just before Ashleigh's wedding on April 14th, 2012 as I hung Lolly's flower girl dress on that particular hanger to take a picture.
The broken computer monitors:  I'm too busy to carry them out and my maintenance supervisor is too busy to get to that work order and well, I guess I'm waiting for Computer Guru to come get them.
The random knick knacks: I have nowhere for them at home, but don't want to get rid of them, so they end up on my very poorly decorated shelves.  Hey, this was a law office at some point so I'm assuming these were built for all those massive, huge, heavy books that no one uses anymore because of the Internet.
The t-shirt boxes are filled with XXXL company shirts.  Ummmm, no one here wears that size.
The boxes: 'm still closing out 2013 and will be for the next oh, 6 months or so ;)

Oh yes....that's only Picture #1!
The two end tables and picture: Add it to the category as mentioned above about the computer monitors.
The boxes of air filters:  I actually do use these and they are just much more convenient to get to from here than walking upstairs (once a quarter).
I like the plant.  It's pretty, so I found a corner for it and stuck it there.
Candi, our office admin assistant, is so nice to clean my desk off of empty coffee cups once or twice a week.
The winter coat should be added to the pile of things I was supposed to take home three weeks ago.
My files are actually organized.  Really they are!
The lamp in the background doesn't work and I get so much light, I don't need it.  Add it to the pile of things to put into storage along with the end tables and picture (this picture doesn't include the other non-working lamp shoved into the corner underneath the ugly, fake, dust covered tree.  What can I say?  The tree hides the non-working lamp!)

Oh  yes....there's more!
The rug was down for a long time before I started tripping on it because I couldn't see my feet when I was 7 months pregnant.  So that means it's been rolled up since last August.
I'm not sure about the restroom towel dispenser.  I had to pull it out of the box to figure out what it was and of course, then just left it there.  Why it's there, I do not know.
The plans: I use those for work, I just haven't had time to roll them and store them in an upright box.
And that is Lolly's corner when she's with me in the office.  I really need to dump out the cup of water.  I did finally organize her coloring books.  They were all still open to her last project from the afternoon of January 13th (along with all the little bits of confetti pieces of paper.  She's was making me miniature Valentine's to hand out to my office friends.)

And last but not least.
Do you see the non-working lamp shoved under the tree?  It's there.  I did clean out this corner a few months ago.  It had some random things in a bag like some old budgets, a J. Crew belt, one panel of Company Store pink curtains and a large swatch of Virginia Tech fabric.  Again, you may ask why?  I don't know.

I need to find a place for my tea.  It's my new thing (another blog post).  Maybe I could use the Longaberger Basket I found shoved in a drawer a few months ago and set out with the thought that I could use that somewhere.  It's been sitting in that spot, unused, since at least October.

So that's it.  I clearly need some help.  Or a massive shop vac.  Yes, I admit it.  I'm an office hoarder.  HELP!!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!


  1. First get yourself some fun office accessories, a little Lilly perhaps? Put a picture of your favorite place somewhere on a shelf, so when you get stressed you can always put yourself in a good works I swear!

  2. OMG! The fun I could have in that room! If only I wasn't so far away... I have my small little office cube organized down to the perfect slot for my Carmex that is perfectly in reach, but tucked away. Fly me down and I'll organize it for you :-)

  3. I am such a neat freak and my office ends up the same way. It is so hard when you have kids and you are in there working! It is a great space and I am sure you will make it look so fabulous!

  4. They say a cluttered desk is a sign of a creative mind;).