Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Hodge Podge: First Solid Foods, 5 Months and OOTD

This is a little bit of a photo dump but we've been busy!

We've always seen Lolly in Lilly.  Now we have H.G. in Lilly.  Lolly actually wore a matching dress but she swooped in from church to change so quickly that I didn't get a picture.  She wanted to ride her new bike immediately!  H.G. and I just hung out on the grass watching Lolly.  H.G. loves being outside.  What child doesn't?

We introduced solid foods and H.G. can't get enough!  The first couple of nights we tried plain organic rice cereal.  She's had rice in her bottle for a while (due to her GERD reflux) so I wasn't worried about any allergies.  However, it was a familiar taste to help her get used to the spoon and thicker food.  She caught on very quickly!

We've been making our own food with butternut and acorn squash are the first things we've tried.  I wish I had made my own baby food with Lolly.  Between the acorn and butternut squash, we must have a month's worth of food for H.G.  A mere $4.00 versus approximately $25.00.  And it's healthier as it's homemade.
I've also made the decision to continue nursing for as long as possible.  It's going very well and pumping at work has been very easy.  This whole process was not so easy with Lolly, unfortunately.  So, we will continue forth due to ease, convenience, cost and of course, health.  I'm very pleased about this as is H.G.!

 Goodness, I love these girls!  Lolly is SO good with H.G.!  She plays with her and comforts her all the time.  Here they are looking at themselves in the mirror.  I'm amazed by their relationship and how unbelievably patient Lolly is with H.G.  That will come in handy with H.G. is about three and wanting to be just like big sister and into all her personal things! 

Another sweet little outfit.  H.G. is growing so fast though.  I have to hurry up and get her wearing all of these sweet things that people gifted her!

H.G. turned five months old on Saturday!  Time is just flying by.  I can't believe she's been with us this long.  With two kiddos, the time is flying by much faster.
H.G. is approximately 16.5 pounds (up 2 pounds from a month ago) and she's now rolling over both directions.  She's also very close to sitting up on her own.  
I love my beautiful girls!  (See the adorable bubble necklace...another adorable item from My Little Florida Girl....quick plug).

See the dress Lolly is wearing? I made it when she was three.  It was a design test for the flower girl dresses for Ashleigh's wedding.  I made it in 2011 and she's still wearing it!  She has proclaimed that when it gets to short, she needs me to make her another one.  I love that she's gotten so much use out of it.

And the five month picture with a big drool spot.  H.G. is teething something awful and having a REALLY hard time with it.  Lolly was an easy teether.  H.G., not so much.  She's awake all hours of the night, stuff and unusually cranky (she is NEVER cranky).  Poor baby girl.

Just a quick little shot of me and the girls.  Apparently Saturday was daughter's day.  Who knew?

And last but not least, a fun OOTD.   Lilly Pulitzer Worth jeans (side zip), Lilly Pulitzer belt, I.N.C. t-shirt and Old Navy (spy it, buy it J. Crew knock offs) flats.

That's all for today!

Happy Monday Y'all!


  1. Love your outfit, well dressed mama!

  2. They are so precious girls! What a sweet picture of the three of you!! I can't believe HG is already five months old and on solids! There is something so rewarding when you make your own food too! Rockstar mama :)

  3. I hope Monday was indeed fabulous:). And I love that photo of you feeding HG. Such a mother moment. All the love on your face.

  4. I can't believe how big HG is getting. Your girls are beautiful