Wednesday, March 12, 2014

H.G.'s First Bike Ride and OOTD

Thanks to a fabulous friend who found a carrier at a yard sale, we were able to take H.G. on her first bike ride!  We've recently become biking enthusiasts (more so Husband than I) for reasons mentioned below. Husband already has his new bike, a Trek Verve and my Trek Shift is on order!  Lolly also received a new bike more suited to her current height and we've been gallivanting about the neighborhood for a few weeks now.

Husband also has an older Giant that he purchased off Craig's List. He has something else he can fix up now, just like his two project cars (old older Suburban....great for hauling stuff! And the BMW Z3).  Thus the more enthusiasm in biking for him than I.  :-)

Until now, one of us has always had to stay home with H.G. since she can't sit upright by herself in an on-the-bike carrier yet.   Enter the pull-behind bike carrier. With the assistance of Lolly helping keep her stable, the four of us went on a four mile long bike ride Sunday night after dinner (yay, daylight savings time!).  Much fun was had and we look forward to many, MANY bike rides together in our family!

Here's my Work OOTD.   Tory Burch Camilla Pink flats (they are a light caramel-ish nude color, not pink) and Ann Taylor necklace.  The coral and tan/light caramel dress is from That Cute Little Shop in none other than my home state of Kentucky! 
Happy Wednesday Y'all!


  1. I've been wanting one of those carriers!! Do you mind me asking how much you paid?