Friday, March 7, 2014

GIVEAWAY and Weekly Randoms (Sugar Diet, 17 LB. Baby and Tooth Duty)

First off....please, PLEASE don't forget about the My Little Florida Girl giveaway!  How adorable are these sandals?  You must have some for your little Florida girl.  CLICK HERE!  

In other news, check out this sweet H.G.!  She's nearly 17 pounds now.  By comparison, Lolly was 12 pounds and much shorter at this age.  H.G. is now officially HALF the weight of Lolly, currently.  Yep, we have a skinny minny and a chuncky monkey.  
They couldn't be more different but we love them each all the same!
The outfit below was worn by Lolly when she was walking.  H.G. will be 5 months old tomorrow.

Other fun facts....this is what we take with us to work, school, montessori each day.  Lolly's lunchbox, backpack and gymnastics bag that says "Got Chalk."  My purse, H.G.'s diaper bag (the straw bag currently), H.G.'s school bag with diapers, clothes, bottles and my green Ballard Designs jute tote with all my nursing/pumping gear. 
It's like we're going on a five day trip, for a few hours, every day!

Recently we put Lolly on a sugar diet.  Every year, between October and February it's just candy, candy, candy every time we turn around!  And then after Valentine's, I purge the house, and spend a brutal week getting Lolly off the sugar.  It's not that she actually EATS the sugar every day, it's the fact that it's there and when I say NO, there's a total meltdown.  So a few weeks ago, I purged and now there's nothing for Lolly to see and ask for.  The result....THIS!  Lolly coming home and asking for a healthy snack of mini cucumber, celery and peanut butter and cheese and crackers.  So what that it's only an hour before dinner.  When your skinny mini barely eats a thing to begin and she asks for a healthy snack, you give in.

And last but not least and pardon the dirty sink, tooth duty.  Lolly went to the dentist this week (she has a loose tooth with the adult tooth growing in behind it....ACK!) and she also had a visit from a dentist at school.  So all of the sudden she has three tooth brushes, different types of floss and extra toothpaste and tooth chests.  The result is an extreme amount of time brushing teeth because she's also arranging everything "to look pretty."  Hey....she's brushing and we have ZERO cavities!  Yay!

The loose teeth on the other hand?  I'd rather pick boogers from my children's nose than even LOOK at the loose teeth.  Talk about heebie geebies!!  Husband and I actually had to discuss who's on tooth duty (I figured him since I'm pretty much on diaper duty all by myself).  Thankfully, Lolly has been pulling her own teeth so we haven't had to worry with it.  Phew!

Happy Friday Y'all!


  1. So, I take it, you're back at work? How is it with working and having 2?

  2. HG is absolutely precious! Hope all is well!