Monday, March 3, 2014

GIVEAWAY!! My Little Florida Girl

You may have seen Lolly wearing these fabulous, frilly, girly, preppy and definitely colorful flip flops in various pictures and posts over the past couple of years
That's because outside of the tennis shoes that she must wear to school, these are the ONLY shoes, rather, flip flops she will wear.  Adorned with the most gorgeous and perfect bows, layered in colors and style, every little girl, Florida to California, should be wearing these this spring and summer.
Lolly's newest flip flops, designed by My Little Florida Girl especially for her!

So, let's make the introductions shall we?  

Introducing My Little Florida Girl and its fabulous owner, Kristie!  Kristie is one of my very good friends and she has been making these simply delightful flip flops, bows, headbands and now, bubble necklaces for the past couple of years.  She started out making them for her daughter, who is very good friends with Lolly, and the fad instantly spread.  Lolly and her sweet friend can't go anywhere without getting complimented on their flip flops!  Not only do I love Kristie as a good friend and person, but I certainly love getting to experiment with the designs and try out new ones.  In fact, Lolly and I have been customers since before she opened her Etsy shop and we've had lots of fun helping Kristie grow her business.  I'm pretty sure she'd say we're her biggest advocates!
Some of Lolly's other designs, specific to certain outfits.  For example, the green and red ones matched a summer red and green watermelon themed dress.  She has a hair bow to match!
The best part about this shop....I can design each pair to fit Lolly's specific closet, especially all her Lilly!  Actually, I usually leave the creativity to Kristie and she has never disappointed!  All I have to do is email a picture of a particular Lilly pattern and Kristie designs the perfect flip flop!  

Even more fabulous, even H.G. has a pair!!  
Seriously, how cute are these teensy, tiny little flips?

And now for the exciting news!  Kristie at My Little Florida Girl has offered to give one of my readers a custom made pair of flip flops for the Little Florida (Texas, Kentucky, or New York) Girl in your life.  Made to order and to fit your particular sweetie, these are sure to put a smile on anyone's face and I further guarantee a lot of compliments.   For the giveaway, Kristie has designed these hot pink and green, whale adorned flip flops for the giveaway.  How adorable are these?

There are several ways to enter so good luck!  And in the meantime, Easter is right around the corner.  Wouldn't these make an adorable addition to your little girls' Easter basket?  I'm pretty sure Lolly and H.G. will be getting pairs to match their new seersucker, smocked bathing suits for our upcoming summer vacation.  Oh, my mind is already churning over the possibilities! 

Winner will be announced Monday morning March 10th. 

Happy Monday Y'all!


  1. Love them. These type of flips flops were actually really popular when I was in high school. I remember having a pair.

  2. I love the all pink ones! Addie Kate would wear them ALL the time!

  3. The pink and green flip flops are adorable but how can just one be your favorite? They are all so cute!!! My 2 year old has two pairs shes outgrown so we are in need of a new pair!