Thursday, October 8, 2009

High Chair makeover and Lallie Happies

Lallie is such a big girl now! She eats her cheerios all by herself with a big person spoon and doesn't make a mess! When she does she calls "help mommy, dirty!" So cute! She also loves to look at the camera and say "cheese," in this instance, with her mouth full.

As you know, my parents came down a few weeks ago and brought some childhood toys with them that they thought I'd like to keep for Lallie.

Here's a little high chair for dolls. It was a faded pink with lots and lots of marks all over it, so I did a quick white spray paint job and then took some pink acrylic paint and gave it a whole new life! Lallie is starting to get into role playing with her dolls, so she LOVED it.

That night, we had to dig out some old newborn PJ's for baby to wear before Lallie would calm down and go to bed. Baby has to have PJ's too you know!



  1. Nice job on the high chair!
    I sometimes envy the neat and clean little girls everyone seems to have!

  2. Love those pictures...she is so darn cute. It is so fun to watch them.

    You did a great job on the highchair.

  3. Darling paint job for a darling little girls chair!!

  4. You gotta love a girl who doesn't like to get dirty! Great job on the high chair :)

  5. The high chair looks great and Lallie is adorable!!

  6. What a great makeover!! SOOOO cute!! This is really a fun and inspiring and neat blog... I could get lost in here!


  7. Wow! You did a great job on that. I love your craftiness!
    Just beautiful!!!