Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekend Recap

This weekend, we pretty much rolled out of bed and into the pool, but not until I got served breakfast in bed by Husband on Saturday!!!! - Yep, woke up to warm pancakes...yum! Husband makes pancakes every Saturday for Lallie and I. He's a keeper!

Lallie has become very motherly. Since I painted the high chair, she has become very attentive to not one baby, but two babies needs! She has one that Grandma gave to her for Christmas and a new one that is a bath baby that we bought for her this weekend. She feeds them, dresses them, diapers them, gives them drinks. We also watch morning cartoons together with baby.

AND, they go with us everywhere! Here's Lallie and baby at the Palm City Grille.

Lallie is doing so many new things. She can count to ten all by herself and when asked, can count with her "counting finger" how many dogs are on the story book page (for example). Lallie has also perfected the art of "eat diving." Let me explain. We've been dining out on the pool deck in between swimming sessions. She usually eats ALL her food, which is a rarity in our house. She will take a bite, chew it thoroughly and then swallow and then run into the pool to dive to daddy (I know, I thought she'd get sick too with all the bouncing, but she didn't).

Other things...she is talking in FULL FORCE! "Apple juice please mommy!" "Come on daddy, ready to go?" "That's crazy!" It is so cute that we can have a conversation with her. We love it!

So, that's what is new at our house! Hope y'all had a fantastic weekend as well!



  1. Wow! How grown up she's getting! One of the biggest joys is the beginning speech development. You finally know what they're thinking--and without a filter! Lots more fun to come!
    Love and hugs, Aunt Judy

  2. how cute!! um, could your husband come teach mine a few things?? Love the pictures! Hope your having a great day! = )

  3. sweet photos--I love cuddling on the sofa with my babies!