Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Recap

Friday, Husband played in a golf tournament, so Lallie and I met him and some friends at the golf course club house for dinner. That was the extent of our evening!

Well, Saturday was a gorgeous day, so we spent most of the day in the pool.
We don't have any pool deck furniture yet, so I tried laying out on the side of the pool.

This is the reason I don't have a tan (and I photo shopped out my legs - remember my clumsiness post??)
In addition, Lallie was rubbing sunblock (70+ on me, oh well!

afternoon, we headed out to some golf shops. Husband has taken up golfing and needs a new set of clubs and he also got himself some new golf shoes. He's headed to Orlando sometime soon for another tournament. I'm looking at some clubs for myself as well as we were looking for something to do together once in a while, but I haven't played in YEARS! We do live on a golf course, so why not. Just THINK of all the adorably cute, preppy fun golf things I could add to my wardrobe!

Sunday we spent all day working on the house. We finally got some things cleaned up in the garage, hung a few pictures, clea
ned the high shelf (those who have been to our house know what I'm talking about), but it needs painting, badly (we're thinking a contrasting brown color)! Husband and Lallie also played with my old wind up toys. I found them in a bag upstairs. She was terrified of them at first, but now loves them.

Husband was finally able to fix our sliding glass doors and he would like me to pass along this little announcement: If you have sliding glass doors and they don't work - DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT oil or grease the tracks. Think about it ----grease, dirt from inside and out (dog hair if you have one) and rollers on doors DO NOT MIX!!! Simply clean the tracks periodically and adjust your doors with the little screw at the bottom. This is the second house we've had to clean and replace the rollers at because homeowners think grease or oil would work. It doesn't and it takes HOURS to fix!

Have a great day!


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  1. So envious that it was pool weather for you this weekend, we were happy to see the temps hit the mid 60's!