Friday, October 23, 2009


Have any of you heard of Sprayology? They make a line of natural homeopathic and vitamin oral sprays (under your tongue) for ailments such as allergies, cold and flu to vitamins and stress relief. They have a daily multi-vitamin spray for women! This would be great for those that cannot take those bulky pills easily or get upset stomachs no matter what you eat (like me).

I saw the sprays in a speciality bath and body store the other day, and I'm just curious if anyone has ever used something like this and if it really works. I'm told that it does work (of course, that was by a salesperson, so yes, of course it works *smile*!)

Give me your input, I'd love to know your thoughts! Check out their website HERE!


  1. I've never heard of this ~ I'd be interested to know more since I've been on a health kick lately.

    Should we post before or after Halloween? I know it's going to be a busy week for families.


  2. OK so I'm officially dying over this post as I only learned of them while on vacay in your neck of the woods. I tried one for weight loss--I'm sooo into stuff like this! xoxo


  3. I've wanted to try these for a while, they have ones for allergies & even hangovers-perfect for the holidays! Ha Ha!

  4. I use a ton of their products and LOVE them! I am everyone's friend when I bring Party Relief to a party to prevent a hangover. It truly works. ImmunoBooster is my current favorite. I am still healthy as a horse, while friends are dropping to the flu. Body Balance for Adrenal weakness when I am exhausted is another favorite. When my mind keeps making lists when I am trying to sleep I use SleepEase to shut off the brain and make me go to sleep. I could go on and on. Yes, go buy it. It ALL works and is WONDERFUL