Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shoe Dilemma - Need help!

For those of you that have been following me for a while now, you know that I hurt my right hip last month. This has caused me to switch to flats full-time rather than my usual heels. In addition, it's fall/winter, so I need closed toe flats.

A little history. My toes haven't seen the inside of a shoe in 8 years (well, except for the holiday up north when I wear my 1990 shoes/boots - Husband usually says, "time to throw those away dear." That is the extent of his shoe help! - but I digress). I have mostly all open toe heels and sandals and flip flops, including my pairs of McKims. I have a few closed toe heels, including my favorite black and white polka dot heels with straps that I am dying to sad!

I do not take shoes lightly. They are like handbags. You purchase right the first time, you will be able to wear them (or carry them for bags) for years to come. Spend a little, save a lot, in my opinion.

So, for you Tory Burch, Kate Spade and other flat shoe experts, lend me some advice. What should I look for in a flat, what do I stay away from and what brands do you just adore? (I understand the TB metallics and skins can be sort of uncomfortable?)

My curled up, crunched up, damaged pedicure tootsies need your help!


  1. Go for the TB Revas. I can only speak for the regular leather, though, not the metallics or suede.

  2. I love flats and wear them more then heels, especially with my commute into work. My favorites are TB Revas. I've tried pairs from J.Crew and they just don't last like the Revas.

    I've found that it take a week or 2 before you get used to the elastic on the heel, it can be a bit tight and if you aren't used to wearing shoes with a back it might feel funny at first, but once you break them in you'll never notice it.

    Now colors! I love my black patent pair and wear them the most often in the work place!

    Whew, sorry so long, hope it helps!!

  3. We have similar issues Miss SLPS after years of ballet and ice skating. Our best flats are Cole-Haan, Donald J Pliner, Stuart Weitzman and Bruno Magli. Some of them are pushing 15+ years of age and none have fallen apart or been uncomfortable, great examples of 'you get what you pay for'.

    Good luck!

  4. The TB Revas might be a little bit trendy right now, but I get so much use out of mine. I would love to have them in every color! I love flats and they look so cute with skinny pants or jeans. :)

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  6. Ah yes flats! Your poor feet. I really feel for you (I mean it)! I'm a huge Belgian Shoe fan (so comfy) and they come in every color known to man kind--can totally pull it off palm bitch style as they come in patent pastel. They are custom made for your feet so literally get 2-3 pairs and you are set until this ordeal is over. I've had mine since 1997 if that is any indication to their quality. xoxo


  7. I know it's getting a bit chilly, but I love my Eliza B's... I wear them all spring and summer! And around the house all year long.

    BTW, your blog is precious!

  8. The Kate Spade Felice flats are my faves, loove them!

  9. So, after reading all of the comments thus far it's been decided that I need to revamp my flats wardrobe! LOL

    TB Revas & Eliza B's have me intrigued.

    I have a couple pairs of flats from j.crew. I love them. But, like Black Labs & Lilly said, they just don't hold up so well.

    I have a cute pair of suede flats from the Gap of all places, but they make my feet stinky. Phew.

    Whatever brand you go with and whatever you decide to do, I say get more than one color...and then let me know what you get. ;-)

  10. Bone graft and titanium screw in my right foot after an injury last May. I am taking shoes pretty seriously after 21+ weeks in a cast. Check out Taryn Rose--she is a podiatrist with a shoe brand and they're good-looking and comfy, too. Cole Hahn G-force shoes are great. I have a teetery-heeled pair of wedges that are super comfy.

    (haven't worn them since April, but I'm working my way back into them)