Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Children Dosing Cups

I never complain about products I buy to companies (i.e. complaining about a discoloration of clothing from laundry detergent to, say, Tide).  I never do this.  If I don't like a product, I just quit using it.  And I just don't feel it's worth my time to complain to a large company.

Of course, if something were life threatening, I would definately complain.  Afterall, how would the companies know about recalls for high chairs, cars etc. if complaints about danger situations weren't made.

Well, I've filed a complaint.

How many times have we heard stories about the overdose of infants and children on Tylenol or Motrin products (or the CVS/Walgreen versions)?  Lots and lots and lots.  We are told to read the directions and take every single precaution to make sure we dose our children correctly.

BUT (and this is a BIG BUT!), I canNOT see the freaking lines on the dosing cup!!!  Here's what my cup looks like.  (It's really blurry because I blew it up to show the cup - look, no black lines!!!)

All the cups, whether it be Tylenol, Motrin or whatever, seem to have colorless lines.  Lallie had a tooth ache this morning causing low grade fever.  She doesn't feel good (those silly molars).  So, here I am giving her the CVS version of Motrin (side note - I LOVE CVS, I use all their storebrand products as they are the same, half the price and guess what....during a recall, CVS is still available!) ....but I digress.

I am squinting, pouring the medicine back out, twisting and turning in everywhich direction to see the colorless lines to make sure my 20 pound 2.5 year old gets only 1 tsp because we've been told that 1.5 tsps is for a 34 lb 4 year old and we MUST NOT overdose our children.

Hello - It is impossilbe to read the little lines.  It took my 5 minutes to pour my child her medicine this morning.  But I wasn't about to let her suffer because of her silly molars causing "teeth owies."

I've complained to Tylenol about this.  They sent me two expiration-less coupons for free Tylenol.  Thanks Tylenol, but that didn't solve my problem, though I appreciate the sentiments.  I'm not complaining to look for a coupon.

One might say, just ask the pharmacy for one of those vial thingys or use an actual teaspoon.  Sure, that worked for a while, until my independant 18 month old insisted on drinking it herself and therefore, I have to use the little cup (the teaspoon cooking thingy gets everywhere, and then I have a non-dosed, sticky child).

My question -  Am I being irrational?  It's my child and when I hear horror stories about overdose on a daily basis, I don't feel I'm being irrational. 

I'm going to CVS today to complain to the pharmacist (who happens to be my good friend :-) - I can't find a complaint section on the website.

Sorry for the vent.  I never vent.  But this has happened time and time again and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I'm done.

Happy Wednesday Y'all!


  1. I'll ask my aunt (who also happens to be a pharmacist) if she happens to have any good ideas. She doesn't work at CVS though so you might not trust her :-). Sorry you had a rough morning. I love you though. Does that help? Give Lallie a kiss from me. GW

  2. I always complain to companies if I am unhappy with a product. They use that information to improve! If enough people complain about the lack of lines on the cup they will make a change.

  3. Oh know the comment link is at the top of your posts right? I know it's awfully fussy of me but I wonder how many people get to the bottom of your post and think you dont have a comment link so they can reply?

  4. I don't think it's irrational at all. It's a valid safety issue. By the way,if you're measuring in teaspoons, you may just want to try using kitchen measuring spoons to get a precise amount rather than the hard-to-read cup. That's what my friend's pediatrician has been telling her to do.

  5. I don't think it's irrational at all! What about those with visual impairments?!?!?!? You might try (even though you shouldn't have to) using a black sharpie and coloring the outside of the cup where the lines should be. Sad, but it might help!

  6. You are so smart! And that would be so hard! Good luck with finding a solution!

  7. I would definitely ask your pharmacist for some of those syringe-type dispensers. The writing is black, the lines are easy to see, and my own 2 1/2 yr old loves to pop them in her mouth and push the plunger to take any meds she needs.