Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pink Day and Beouf Bourguignon

First, a few announcments:

1) Thanks to Maryland Pink and Green, I discovered that today is National Pink Day!!  Thankfully Lallie and I are wearing pink today as I had no clue!

I'm celebrating by wearing my Lilly Pulitzer Andover dress and pink McKims and sporting my fun bag (isn't it cute?  I love it)

When searching about National Pink Day, I discovered this Pink Celebration recipe.  Sounds pretty good! 
Rosangel Margarita
2 oz Rosangel
1 oz of Cranberry Juice
½ oz Premium Orange Liqueur
½ oz of Lime Juice
1/4 oz. of Orange Juice
Mix all together with ice and strain into a pink glass!

(I really wish blogger had a PINK font!)

I have THREE snack bags made with Lilly Pulitzer fabric remaining.  You can purchase them on my etsy shop.  Click HERE!


I have FOUR Fourth of July dresses on my etsy shop as well. They can be shipped immediately and are size 24 months / 2T.  If you email me at (rather than go to my etsy shop), I will sell them to you for $17.50 (which I personally think is a deal compared to what some shops charge!!)  This is open to my blogger friends only! 


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Julia Child
(A segue from yesterday's post, which by the way, thank you thank you thank you for such wonderful comments!  I will truly take them to heart!)

This women fascinates me.  I really did not know much about her until I saw the movie Julia and Julia.  Since then, I've read up about her on websites and wikipedia.

Julia, until she married her husband, Paul, really knew very little about food, more specifically the finer palette and cusine.  Though like me, she very much enjoyed eating fine cusine.

The difference between us?  She enjoyed cooking and learning to cook.  She embraced it with her heart and soul, creating fabulous dishes which eventually inspired Americans to cook and experience French cusine like they never had experienced it before.

Mint Juleps and Magnolias, will you come visit me and make Beouf Bourguignon for me.....pretty please?  I have a pool and live near the beach (which thankfully, ours is not affected by the oil spill).

I would be much obliged.

Miss Julep (soon to be Mrs. Julep) has successfully made Julia's Beouf Bourguignon and I so desperately want to try it the recipe myself.  My mouth has been watering for Beouf Bourguignon since I viewed the movie and with my cooking track record, I'm wondering if I should even attempt such a dish!  That hunk of meat in her picture is tres intimidating!

Plus, I don't have a dutch oven.

Has anyone ever made Julia's recipe for Beouf Bourguignon?  Were you successful?  Should I even attempt to waste an entire Saturday over the stove and oven?

Normally, I would say no, but I REALLY want this dish.  Again, could someone just come visit me and make it for me.  I will wait on you hand and foot!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

(I promise, I'll get to a Lallie post, I keep forgetting my camera!)


  1. Save your heavy duty cooking for's too hot now to have the oven going all day!

    This is the time of year for bbq!

  2. Suburban Princess.....I know, but I really, really want it! Plus, it won't be autum here until next February! :-) LOL!

  3. Your pink outfit is adorable! Have a perfectly pink day! xoxo

  4. I love Julia Child. Also, happy pink day!!! I'm sure you'll rock that Lilly dress.

  5. I love that dress! So fun and and I love the pattern! Yes Happy Pink Day hope you have a fabulous day!!!

  6. happy pink day.. off to check out your links including your etsy shop!!

  7. I love Julia Child! I've never been able to talk myself into tackling the beouf bourguignon, but I find her very interesting.

  8. Pink Day, Lilly do you find out about these things? Thank you for the notice...we are all changing our clothes into something pink now (me=pink Vineyard Vines capris and navy shirt with pink whale on it with pink flip flops.) We are also planning on making pink lemonade, strawberries dipped in pink tinted white chocolate and sugar cookies with pink frosting and sprinkles. I just love a reason to celebrate and "Pink Day" sounds like as good a reason as any. BTW.....Loved, Loved, Loved the Derby Pie recipe. So good (even if mine wasn't quite "authentic". I used vanilla extract instead of Makers Mark.

  9. Love your pink Andover dress. And where did you get that pink bag? It's so cute! A great summer find. :)

    As for that Pink Margarita, I need to try it! Somehow I feel like it will help this heat not be so sweltering. Wish I had a pool in my backyard, like you. I'd be in it right now. Lucky girl!

  10. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPPPPPPY PINK DAY!!!!!! Your outfit is precious and that pink margarita, yum yum yum, how perfect for such a HOT day!

    I've never made Julia's Boeuf Bourgignone, but my mother has made it since we were children, and it is divine with a capital D! Isn't Julia just the best? I was watching her on PBS last week, she is just a doll. :)

    Hope you're sunning by the pool right now! Hugs to Lallie! xoxo

  11. The Andover dress is adorable as is the bag. Cute, cute, cute! So summery, too! :)

    I think your Fourth of July dress is just precious. If I had a little girl, I would buy one in a heartbeat.

    Hope you're having a great day!

  12. I DID NOT KNOW it was pink day yesterday! Seriously, I wear pink almost every single day (or at least have a touch of it on) and i left the house as the seersucker sailor in navy & white! oh well, I'm completely making up for it today.
    That 4th of july pillowcase dress is just too cute for words. I have been wanting to make a few for muffy...but she is now a size 7! (and not even in kindergarten ... she is a TALL girl!) how do you think a dress like that would look like on a long-legged child like mine? AND, are they easy to make? I'm not so crafty.

  13. The pink Andover dress is perfect! And your blog is adorable--I found it through my sister's (Chelsea Gwynne) and I love it!