Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend at the Sandbar!

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We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Hope y'all did to and I can't wait to catch up on blogs and hear about yours.

Friday night was Lallie's "Look What I Learned" day at school.  This is where the kids get to bring their parents into the classroom and show them all the work and activities they've been completing this year in school.  This was bittersweet for Hubs and I because next week is toddler graduation, which means our little baby is growing up!

Later that night, we decided to go out to eat.  Lallie was an absolute gem considering it was WAY past her bedtime.  Yeah, ice cream at 8:45....great idea mommy and daddy!  Check out this wild face!!

An i-phone, while waiting for dinner...is an awesome idea.
Saturday, daddy played golf and Lallie and I had a playdate with our friends Niki, Turner and Merritt.  We were going to swim, but it started pouring rain with thunder and lightening 30 minutes before they arrived, so I was in full on crafting mode, getting ready for the kids.  Sadly, I forgot to take pictures!

Saturday night, I had to play violin for a friend's wedding.  I always enjoy playing at weddings, except for the drunk people who insist on taking pictures with me, around me, in front of me, while I'm playing.  Awkward!!  Plus, there is always the professional photographer that is RIGHT in my face, where my bow is supposed to be, so it's like a gymnastic act.  People, I'm just the hired music, not a circus act!

Okay, moving on.

Sunday, we went out on a boat with our friends to the Sandbar.
Lallie and her friend Zava, are close buddies.  They go to school together and Zava always has Lallie's back (Zava is about 15 months older than Lallie).

We love the sandbar.  We used to come here all the time when we had our boat.  If you're not familiar, basically, tons of boats come out to the inlet, just near the exit to the ocean, where this huge sandbar exposes itself during low tide.  All the boats beach on it and then people grill out, bring volleyball nets and just have a great time.  It's a lot of fun!

A zonked out Lallie on the way home.
Sadly, that afternoon (because I forgot my sunglasses), I ended up with my very first migraine, ever.  Poeple always say, I have a migraine and it's just a really bad headache.  Not this time, I was vomitting, my blood pressure was through the roof and I seriously thought Husband was going to have to take me to the hospital.  My mom had migraines, so Husband checked with her and she said I was fine, I just have to weather it.  I'm still re-cooping today as my eyes are still sensative.  Wowser, I really hope I never get one of those again and I am really understanding what my mom and my friend, Ashleigh, who have chronic migraines, go through.

Monday, we basically chilled all day.  I was still recovering from the migraine, so we just stayed around the house and had some great family time.

How was y'alls Memorial Day?


  1. Looks like y'all had a fun, jam-packed weekend! I'm so sorry to hear that you had a migraine. They are the WORST! I had a terrible headache on Sunday for like two hours in the afternoon, it was awful. It wasn't half as serious as yours. I'm hoping you're feeling better today!

  2. I think I recognize that restaurant :-). And I love the sandbar! I'm glad you had such a fun weekend celebrating my birthday :-). If you ever get a migraine again, tell hubby to call me and I'll give you some tips on dealing with it. I've developed quite a few over the years. Love you guys! GW

  3. Yikes! I'm sorry about the migrane. Those are just terrible :( I hope that you're feeling better! Have a great Tuesday!

  4. That looks like so much fun!

  5. What a great weekend!
    I had forgotten that you play violin! I bet weddings can be...interesting!

  6. Minus the migraine, it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I love the photo of Lallie and her friend, Zava. The look so happy. How precious.

    What I wouldn't give to live by the ocean. The Sandbar sounds awesome.

    Hope you're having a great day!