Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pink and Green Birthday Party!

Lallie is turning three next month, so my mind is all about the birthday party.  In addition, I LOVE Etsy.  Partly because I have an Etsy shop (see My Etsy tab) and I love supporting small business owners. 
So, today's Pink & Green Thursday is all about the Etsy Pink & Green Birthday Party!  These are just a few of my favorite Etsy shops that sell Pink and Green things.  Not everything necessarily goes together, but to get an idea of what these talented ladies create, I've chosen a sampling of pink and green ideas.

One cannot have a birthday party without an invitation from Pixel Perfect Boutique. 
The door sign is from The Chica Boutique.

An adorable birthday banner from Burley Girl Designs.

Must have Pom-Poms from A Dash of Color!

Though not my choice of design, and would love it without the Tinkerbell, I think this is a GREAT idea for take-home cake slices!  From Favor Cakes!

What if you decide on cupcakes instead?  No big deal, these adorable little cupcake boxes are too cute!  From A Little Lollipop Tree.

IN FACT, A Little Lollipop Tree has an entire Pink and Green Birthday party in a box!!

A little outfit for the little birthday girl???  (Hello, Pink Cashmere Cardigan, would this not be PERFECT for Peyton???)  This little outfit is actually a steal and comes from Tutu 2 Cute!

And no party is complete without the birthday hat!  From Glitz & Glam Bowtique.

Happy Pink and Green Thursday Y'all!


  1. LOVING the ribbon topiary tree, banner, and pom pom's. Everything else is cute as well, but those are my favorites! I can get lost on Etsy, I love it.

  2. OMG Jennifer!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it all!!! You're so funny ;) I can't wait to see what you have planned for Lallies party, I'm sure it will be full of pink and green goodness! I orderd A LOT of stuff off of etsy for Payton's party too, love it!

  3. Oh, I bet that's going to be an adorable party. I love the cake favor boxes!

  4. Everything is absolutely beautiful.

    Your daughter is sure to have the most beautiful party. Let us know what you decide! :)

  5. I can't wait to see YOUR Pics of the party!!! Your daughter is one blessed little angel!

  6. Hi sweetie! Thanks so much for linking up and playing along this week! Hard to believe sweet Lallie will be THREE soon! EEE!! How fun! I am sure you will have the most absolutely adorable birthday party planned for her, I am dying to see what you come up with! I can't believe there is an entire pink and green party in a box, too funny! I love that birthday banner, it is SO PRETTY!! Wishing you a very happy weekend and Happy Father's Day to Mr. SL Preppy Style! xoxo

  7. Ooh I love this. Everything is adorable!

  8. Awwwwww, dying over the tutu. I need a little girl!