Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thanks to Danielle over at Florida Brides (who also designed my blog), I now have tabs!!!   Yay!!  I love me some tabs.  Thank you SO much Danielle.  

This gives me more room for my blog pictures.  It's been driving me nuts for a while that my side bar was so clogged and I love pictures and I want them BIG, so having a larger post area makes me very happy. I just like looking at details and if I like detail, there are others who do too.

I can also now post more books (and my reviews), more blogs that I love, my etsy shop items, features etc., etc.  I especially love my books tab because I read a lot, and I know some of you out there love book reviews (at least I enjoy reading your reviews, so I'll do the same for you).

This little transition will take me some time.  I know how to organize my tabs, but I'm hoping to download some new fonts and colors to match the blog. Tthe blogger fonts and colors aren't doing it for me, they don't match (seriously....there are NO PINK COLORS, what is up with that????).  But, with my lack of computer knowledge, I'll probably be screaming for Danielle by days end tomorrow!

So, please pardon my mess while I'm under construction.  I promise it will be tres fab when I'm done!
Happy Monday night y'all!!


  1. Love it ~ I need a "blog lift" myself.

    I'm just catching up with you ~ wow, you've been busy! Lallie is just too darn cute ~ her expressions are adorable!

    Have a great week ~

  2. Very Cute!! It makes it nice and organized. She did a great job!!

  3. Ooooh, I don't have any tabs! :( In fact, I probably need to start thinking about getting a blog face-lift! I've done mine myself for a year and a half. I'm kinda thinking I want something snazzy...just don't know what! :) Yours looks nice!

  4. The bigger the better right Jennifer? I hear ya!