Thursday, June 17, 2010

Random Thoughts

1) Every single morning for the past few months, I have driven passed a relatively large man (maybe 300 lbs plus) walking his young son in a stroller.  I don't know his story, maybe he's a SAHD, maybe he's out of work, who knows?  What I do know is that this man has a strong bond with his son, and he is rapidly losing weight, maybe 50+ in the last three months.  Some mornings, I see him eating celery or an apple.  Some days he's just carrying water.  Some days he stops and takes a rest to tickle and chat with his son.
It's amazing and adorable.  I have no idea who he is, but I give him big Kudos for wanting to become healthier for his son's sake.  At least from the outside looking in, that's what I see.

2) Thank you SO much for the outpouring comments and congrats on our anniversary.  I even received emails from several of you saying how much my little timeline touched you!  I never intended that the case, but yes, it does show that this little blog is a tiny snippet of our lives and I love that you all take such interest.  I do love reading all your blogs and your little life snippets as well.  I'm glad that you see we are not all happy with puppies and candies all the time.  There are ups and downs, but those trying times are what make us stronger as people, stronger as parents, stronger in our marriage and most importantly, stronger in our relationships with God!

3) Again, thank you for the comments on the dosing cup thing.  I have used the pharmacist vials and teaspoon (the cooking thingy) but since Lallie insists on doing it herself, I have to use the cup.  I guess I could squeeze it out of the vial into the cup.  Anyways, it doesn't matter.  The point being, I don't feel I should have to go through that much's the principal (because some people, unfortunately, aren't smart enough to figure this out.  I know, blunt!  But, just sayin'!!)

4) Whoa boy!  Lallie has entered the "I don't want to go to sleep" stage of life.  Remind me, who said it was the "terrible twos" because I think it's the "trysome threes."  The two's were a breeze compared to this!  We have severe pouting.  I wish I had pictures.  I say no, she huffs and puffs and hides her head, gives the steely eye (which actually derives from her namesake - her grandaddy says he hasn't seen the steely eye since his mother).  She hangs her arms and head.  It's really quite funny.

5) In addition, Lallie has taken to demanding things.  "Get my blanket, get my juice, I want pretzels."  Of course, we make her re-state with "Please, may I have..." but it's constant.  So we've started saying no to her a little more often.  To try and teach patience and that she can't have everything.  This is difficult as children her age only understand their feelings, they don't yet know how to consider other people's feelings. 

6)  BUT ------ we are STILL having loads and loads of fun with our little Lallie!  Wouldn't trade this child for the entire world on a platter!

7) We are having pictures done this weekend.  We were going to have them last Sunday.  We got up, got dressed, got ready, waited as 9 am came and went (the photographer is doing them at our house).  Then I got an email saying they were all horribly sick and she'd have to re-schedule.   ARGGHHHHH!!!!  No big deal though because I DO NOT want sickness in my house!

So, Husband got out his camera and we took some pictures on our own.  THANK goodness she cancelled.  I HATED my outfit.  I was wearing a cute little white and yellow sundress that just hangs from the chest down (adorable just for casual fun).  It's so cute, but in pictures, it made my look pregnant.  Don't get my wrong, I'm all about pregnancy.  But when you're not pregnant and you're wearing a pregnant looking dress, it hangs, well, extremely awkward.  So, change of outfits has been in store.  I will re-consider this dress for pregnancy pictures (if we ever decide to have another baby, that is).

But, we did have fun taking the pictures.  We jumped on the bed, I "made love" to the camera.  Let's just say I would not have made a good model.  Again....awkward!

We are now wearing in our pictures:
Husband - navy and hot pink plaid shorts with a shirt yet to be determined.
Lallie - white capris (or skirt) with hot pink halter top and hot pink sandals.  Her hair back on each side (not ponytails) with little pink bow.
Me:  J.Crew hot pink tube top polo-knit dress (slim fitting) with my pearls - of COURSE!

Stay tuned for Pink and Green Thursday!!!

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  1. Adorable! I love that ribbon topiary. I have wanted to make one for a while.

    How cute! Can't wait until Little Miss M wants a pink and green party!