Friday, June 25, 2010

Lots of Fun!

It has been a super busy week for us and since I can't seem to remember my camera, Lallie updates will just have to wait until next week!

I try to remember when I get home, but Lallie started a new school for summer on Monday, so needless to say, this week has been a little bit of a transition.  In addition, I am leaving for Tampa in a few minutes for  Junior League conference.

Anywho, I want to tell you how much fun I am having working on my blog.  I love my blog design, but I love to change things up a bit.  I've decided I want to learn how to do this all by myself.

I started with my blog button, which thanks to Brown Eyed Belle, I have a button I just LOVE!  She pointed me to a website called Picnik that is just unbelievably fantastic and then helped me with my code scroll box issues.  What took five hours of work in Adobe Photoshop for that simple little palm tree and word (okay, maybe not five, but it was a long time), took literally five minutes this morning!  Thank you so much Mrs. Belle!

I also ran across the blog, What's New with Kevin and Amanda, with very detailed (for us html illiterate) tutorials on how to make your own blog background, headers, signatures and guess what.....COLORS AND FONTS!!!  Yipppeee!  I've always wanted a blog with my own font and color (must I say it again...why on earth doesn't blogger have a proper pink color???  Google, are you listening?  Fix this ASAP!)

So, over the next few weeks (yes, it will take me that long), you are going to see some fun Southern Living: Preppy Style changes and I am super excited!

Have a great weekend y'all, I'm off to get dressed in my Lilly, head over to Tampa and have some Junior League fun (and meet a fellow blogger who was one of my first 10 followers over a year ago!  I'm so excited!) 


  1. Thanks for the info! It's fun to be able to do all this ourselves!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Have fun with the Junior League! xxx

  3. Hope you're having a fab weekend! I can't wait to see your new button! I need to do that sometime this summer!

  4. Your blog does look adorable. I keep saying I'm gonna get a bloglift...maybe soon:)

  5. I am thinking about joining the Junior League here in Spartanburg, SC. Do you love it!?