Monday, June 7, 2010

Lallie Update

Happy Monday y'all!  Hope everyone had a nice weekend.  It was brutally hot here in South Florida.  We spent most of the time in the pool.  And while Lallie was napping, we would lay out on rafts, which after 30 mintues of not physically being in the water, it was just too hot to even lay out!  I think we actually set a record hight on Saturday.

Well, Lallie is up to new things, as usual.

1) She loves to terrorize our poor, aging dog.  And he just sits there and takes it.  She throws the beach ball at him over and over again.  If he's in her way, she yells "Excuse Me dog" multiple times at the top of her lungs (hey, at least she's a polite demander!)

2)  Lallie is a little mischevious thing.  This weekend, we were with some friends who have a 2.5 year old and one year old, both boys.  Lallie would walk up to one and if they were doing something she didn't like, she would subtly pinch or hit them (so adults supposedly couldn't see).  When the boys responded with a "whack" of a hit, Lallie cried as loud as she possible yelling, "he hit me!"  Need to work on this one!

3)  Lallie has a very keen sense of humor.  She loves jokes (and at her young age, seems to understand them).  She loves to do silly things and then look at me and say "I'm just kidding mommy."  For example, she knows she's not supposed to touch certain things in the house, so she'll walk up to them, gets ready to touch, give me the mischevious eye and when I say "Don't you dare" she'll look at me and say "what?  I'm not touching it, I'm just pointing at it."  Then she'll touch it and run away yelling "I'm just joking!" 

4)  She likes to play letter games with Daddy.  Sort of.  Let me explain.  We have those foam letters and numbers in the bathtub.  Husband will slap one on the side of the bathtub and ask what letter it is.  Lallie pretty much only knows the letter "A" but she does know that they are letters in general.  So to be silly, she'll respond by saying elephant, monkey, apple or numbers.  Of course, she's laughing like crazy as she responds making it a big game.

5)  She despises getting her clothes or hair dirty.  This morning, she spilled a little cheerios milk on her PJ shirt and her hair.  She stuck her hands out, pushed her hair back and said "mommy, I got cherrios on me, get it off, get it off."

6)  Lallie has become quite the little swimmer and she wants to be in the water 24/7.  We can't even spell the words "swimming" or "pool" anymore as she automatically knows what they mean and then there is no turning back.  One thing is for sure, we'd better have all of her swimsuits clean because if the one she wants to wear is dirty, forget haven will be set off!

7)  She loves jewelry.  I had to put her very own box of costume jewelry in my closet (so she would think it's mine) that she can play with when I'm getting dressed.  We went to Walmart yesterday afternoon to go food shopping.  Lallie insisted on wearing one of my pearl (fake) bracelets and some gold bangles.  We ran into a friend in the jewlery section and we talked for 15 minutes or so.  Lallie proceeded to try on every necklace and every bracelet.  But it was not big deal.  She only tried one on at a time and before moving on, she would place it back on the rack as if it had never been touched and then go on to the next bracelet.

8) Lallie is graduating from toddler school this week.  There is a big ceremony and reception on Thursday night and it's bittersweet.  We are SO proud of Lallie but this is like the first right of passage into Lallie growing up, and no longer being a baby.  Kind of makes me want to pull out her baby book :(
That's all I have for now.  I didn't get any pictures from the weekend, so I'll leave you with a baby picture.

Have a happy Monday!!


  1. Hi Jennifer, sorry about the HOT HOT weekend! Hope you were able to get a little rest in the shade too. Miss Lallie is just too cute (polite demander heeheee!!) and is truly a Southern Belle in training! Way to go mama! :) xoxox Have a wonderful week!

  2. I remember that picture like it was yesterday. She is growing up way too fast! And I think it is very appropriate that she knows the letter A. A is for Auntshleigh! Rock on! GW

  3. I laughed SO hard at "EXCUSE ME DOG"

  4. Toddlers are too much fun! They are at that age when pushing the limits is fun for them, but not so much for the parents trying to teach. Yet parents always find humor it in their kid's antics. She's adorable!

  5. Awww! What a sweet baby photo. I can't believe her hair was sooo light at such a young age. It took awhile for my hair to lighten when I was little. She is just too cute.

  6. OMG, how cute is that picture? She is a hoot!!