Monday, June 14, 2010

What's In My Bag (pink-n-green-wise)

I have posted about "what's in my bag" before, but today, as I was going through my large purse, I noticed the extreme amount of pink and green goodness.  I started going through all these fun things and thought, what a great blog idea.  (Honestly, these are fun and make me appear happy my day a little happier!)

So, here is the Pink And Green version of What's In My Bag!

1) Lilly Pulitzer Day In the Life Journal  - this is where I keep all important must-have info when on-the-go, such as passwords, Lallie's pre-paid college info, important preppy websites for referral.

2) My pink and green clipboard for on-site inspections (for my job), Junior League meetings etc.  I often get laughed at for my clipboard but I don't care, I love it and it makes my job, whether for JL or work, a lot more fun.  My one male employee, a seventy year old man who calls me "kiddo" (don't worry, he's worked for me for years), thinks it's adorable and actually defends it.  Isn't that sweet?

3) Not green, but definately Pink!  An extra outfit for Lallie is always in my bag!  When you have a toddler in potty training, extra outfits are a must!  For some reason, I could NOT get this picture to upload normal, sorry it's sideways).

4) My pink and green notepad, also for meetings etc.  I couldn't find a "J", so I got a "T" which sort of looks like a "J", so it works both ways! :-)  This is the same size as my Day In the Life Journal, but for note taking whenever I don't feel like carrying the bigger clipboard.  Perfect for keeping notes private, especially when on the job.

5)  My Mom-Agenda - must NOT leave home without this.  It contains all my work and home appointments, calls and social events!  Tres importante!

6) I originally bought this folder to organize the upcoming JL fundraiser I'm chairing, but quickly found out, I need a file BOX, not a file this morphed into something else!  It now houses any important forms, documents and bills that are in transit for processing home-life things.

7)  And last but not least, my bags of stuff.
** The shimmery pink bag has all my necessities from lip glass to oil blotting papers
** My new "Ouch Pouch" which only has Neosporin in it so far.  I just need to get organized and fill it with Toddler Bandaging items.
** A snack bag (can be found on My Etsy link/tab above) with a snack for Lallie.  I also have one that holds crayons and one that holds extra pens/keys/etc.  Since they velcro shut, and I love a hobo bag, things actually stay where they're meant to stay!

There you have it.  The pink and green goodness that lights up my purse.  So, whenever my bag is in disarray, I don't get too bummed because there is way too much pink and green to keep it happy! :-)

Happy Monday Y'all!


  1. Love this!!! Where did you get your velcro bags?

  2. Lovin all the pink and green goodness!!! I think that clipboard is fabulous :)

  3. I love my "K" portfolio for work and play notes as well. Definitely a must have!!

  4. Where the heck is the mirror I gave you?


  5. Can I please tell you how much I love this post? Pink and green together is my FAVORITE color combo but I also LOVE reading about how others keep organized.

    Organization is sort of an obsession for me!!

    If I didn't know you posted this, I would have sworn that I posted it!!