Friday, October 5, 2012

From Traditional to Coastal...

The first thing Husband and I learned about decorating a home is that you have to have a flow color.  One accent color that flows from room to room and ties everything together.  Red has always been that color for us.  We've decorated with pillows, vases, accent rugs, paint, pictures etc. and etc. from the dining room to the bedroom to the living spaces.  I guess you could say our home has always been decorated very....well, traditionally, for lack of a better term. 

We've started to get a little tired of the red and are ready for a change.  We're ready to indulge in the brighter and more coastal colors that we've grown to love over the past twelve years of living in coastal south Florida.  Blues and yellows and lime greens (okay, Husband's not so much for the lime greens, but if tasteful, he's up for it).  We also want to start working some more beach items into our home without going over the top in coastal living (we'll save those decorations for our beach house....when we own the future).

If you look above, our kitchen was already decorated in a blue-gray color when we moved into the house 3.5 years ago.

At the same time, we don't want to give up our traditional styles either and we certainly can't afford to change out entire rooms of furniture!  Maybe one of our couches and a coffee table, but that's the extent.  We're thinking of changing out the accents, along the lines of new area rugs, pillow covers, bedding, drapes etc.  Small, inexpensive details.

We could also pull out the LOADS and LOADS of knick knacks and baubles hidden away in various closets and drawers and use them.  And the pictures, paintings and mirrors in the closets and on the floor of my bedroom (see picture above)....I guess we could find places to hang them as well.

Here are some lovely rooms from Pinterest (mostly House Beautiful....I LOVE that magazine).  I love elements in these pictures and not necessarily the rooms themselves.  I like the traditional elements of each room mixed in with the coastal themes (a traditional coffee table or a piece of coral).  I like the pops of bright yellows and greens with the use of flowers and pillows next to antiquities.  These are just a few of the rooms I've found that give ideas for our home.  I especially love the tall drapes in the last picture and the French Country blue (cornflower blue, rather).  We have two story tall windows and these would look beautiful against our paint color with our Bahama style interior shutters.

I love the denim couch with the pillow accents and more traditional coffee table in the picture above.  The picture below shows a piece of coral among traditional elements, so it can be done!

What are your thoughts about decorating with blue?

Happy Friday Y'all!


  1. Oh my gosh the second room down with the blue and white candlesticks and blue hydrangeas....perfection

  2. I like the decoration you are heading in and look forward to seeing the progress. What fun!

  3. I love the room with the bay window

  4. Oh I adore blue and white, coastal mixed with traditional. Can't wait to see what ya'll come up with!

  5. i love blues and white... a mixture of pale to navy with splashes of bright gorgeous white!! And those pops of yellow? Perfect!! I am a little biased though, our kitchen is all white cabinets & stormy blue walls... yellow mums from the garden, a yellow le creuset tea pot, and a yellow stripe towel set finishes it off.

  6. You know I love blue and white, just because! ;) But I really really LOVE the blue and white. In fact, I have a board devoted to blue and white decor on Pinterest. I love it! And I love your kitchen!!

  7. I can't wait to see how you decorate! I love blue and white together. I also like blue and a light yellow-very French country side.