Friday, June 26, 2009

Celebrity Deaths

First off, what a week. Farrah Faucet's struggle with cancer was tough to watch. I don't keep up with celebrity news and we rarely watch Entertainment Tonight or those shows, but I do remember hearing about her struggles with cancer and I watched a portion of her story when she was interviewed. She did have such a will to survive and it's sad that the media just squandered her last days. I did tell my hubby a few days ago that when she married her long time boyfriend, I thought the end was near. I guess I was right.

Then yesterday, I turned on the news. I rarely turn on the news because I don't want Hollon watching anything political. It usually shows scenes of war and she's too young for those images. I keep up with my news on the internet. But, yesterday, I was on the road all day and didn't know anything of the days events, so I did turn on the news. The first thing mentioned was that Michael Jackson was dead. I immediately called hubby and turned it to Fox News. It was such a shock. I haven't followed him in years. I never watched the sitations surrounding the contreversies and I wasn't thrilled with his behaviour as of late. However, he was such a big part of my life as a kid. I loved him. My dad brought home the Thriller album for me from one of his army boot camp sessions as a gift and I was in love with the album and Michael. I can still picture it, Michael in his white suit without a shirt and the white tiger. Okay, so I remembered it wrong. What I remember is my idolize version of the great MichaeI Jackson. Over the years, I quit keeping up because I hated to see what was happening to him. I just ignored him. I am however quite sad. I usually don't become upset over celebrity deaths, but this is probably the first celebrity death that I've become upset over, mostly because he was one of the first celebrities I ever payed attention to as a kid.

Lastly, good ole' Ed. I think everyone can still hear "Hear's Johhhhhnnny" in their heads in his exact voice. It's interesting, I'm in my early thirties, so really I'm too young to have really watched Johnny Carson however, I can still hear in perfect Ed McMahon's voice perfectly.

Such a tough week in the celebrity world.

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  1. Ironic that Farrah Fawcett did everything she could to try live and he did everything he could to self destruct. I saw her movie recently about her battle with cancer. Heart breaking. As for MJ. I wonder how someone so talented who you think "has it all" could be so unhappy and so self destructive. Very sad. I hope Paul McCartney can finally get his catalog back. That's been bugging me for years.