Friday, June 26, 2009

SHOPAROONEE - Vineyard Vines!!

Okay, that got my mother-in-law's attention. We made up the word shopraroonee a while back when we found really expensive stuff, "bad, bad, bad on sale" as we say. We started calling them shoparoonees.

For example, I bought $200.00 worth of exterior topiary pines with pots for Christmas decor and two wooden chairs that were $100.00 each from Michael's on clearance for $40.00 total. Yep, $40.00!!! That's what we call a shoparoonee!

Well, I'm on my daily outings and it's lunch. Not having a great day if you can tell from previous posts and I'm really not hungry, so I think, what will cheer me up? First I stop and get me something to drink. Have you ever had this in lemon or orange? Very yummy!

I pass JoAnn's, we're supposed to be moving and I don't need anything else right now, besides I need to finish the last of baby girl's tutu. I pass by Michael', I kind of like JoAnn's better. I get ready to pass up Marshall's. I have never been to one, but someone told me a few weeks ago it had great stuff. Then, I remembered a blog post from Seersucker Scrapper about finding great Lilly Pulitzer kids stuff there. Hmmmm.....that'll cheer me up! (sorry hubby, this blog addiction of mine is not going to cure the shopping). I HATE shopping, but finding Lilly on sale: that I LOVE! So that's where I stop.

I hit the kids section. Nothing. I hit the home decor section with no intent to buy. I hit the bath section hoping to find a wooden cutout of the word "bath." Nothing. I hit up the cards/stationary section. BINGO!!!! I found this Lilly Pulitzer hardback notebook and these great green and pink note cards, which I really did need some more notecards.

I have no intention whatsoever to buy clothes. Really, zero. However, as I'm walking out, I pass the women's shirt section and there on the end, a distinct pattern calls to me in it's seashells, starfish, anchors and crabs in pink, blue, yellow and salmon. I walk over and find this Vineyard Vines halter for $20.00! a size 2....Hmmmmph.

I grab it anyways, a few shirts away are two more Vineyard blue halter, one light pink tube top! $20.00 each! SHOPAROONEE....both in size 2s.....Hmmmmph. Whatever, I'll try on anyways. The blue and tube top didn't fit, which was fine, the blue one didn't look great on me anyways. But the print one did and it fit. YAY! Sorry hubby, can't pass up a Vineyard Vines and I FIT INTO A SIZE 2! Shocking.

I am in a much better mood now and I think I'll be hitting up Marshall's more often!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Don't forget TJ Maxx too!

  2. SanPellagrino in Orange!! How did I not know about this! Yum! Great VV finds, I have the worst luck finding those kinds of deals.

  3. Awesome finds! I love the patchwork halter!!

  4. YAY FOR YOU!!! whootywhoot!

    Seeing your goodies made MY day better;) I love when people get goodies at good prices!

    I may stop borrowing Panera's internet and hit the MAXX before i go home;)

    Wish we had a Marshalls, argh

  5. What excellent goodies you found, good for you Miss TFL! Hopefully things will get better for you all, I sure hope so.

    Sending a smile your way,

  6. Hey there! Just discovered your cute blog! Love the sale name..very funny!
    SanPellagrino in Orange is ditto for me!

  7. Oh honey, you don't know what you have been missing FOR YEARS!! ha ha...

    I can't BELIEVE you found Lilly stationery products!! Those JUST came out!!

    Can't wait to check out the Marshalls & TJs in Palm Beach! Where is Palm City??