Thursday, June 11, 2009


Everyone always asks me about piloga. The first half hour of class is yoga and the second half hour is pilates. Andrea, our teacher, is TOUGH and I hurt all over. Piloga works every single solitary muscle in the entire body. Even my fingers and toes! But oddly, I love it and I feel great after each class. I always feel noodley and relaxed, it's fabulous.

However, usually about 30 minutes into the class itself, I glance at the clock, realize I have 30 more minutes to go and start chanting to myself "this is good for my heart, this is good for my mind, this is good for my body as it's now bathing suit season and you're buying a pool for crying out loud!!! " So, I tighten those abs and glutes and straighten my spine and then I cramp so bad that I tumble to the ground. Okay, so I took a few weeks off and it I'm back to square one. Am I really thinking that I might add another day to my piloga schedule? Yes, I think I will.


  1. OMGosh...never heard of this! Sounds awesome.....relax....relax? What is that! I really need to check into this....I can't sit still :)

  2. Where do you take this class? I love pilates and love yoga, but would love to incorporate both into one class!

  3. Hey Jenna, I take it a Martin Memorial Health Systems up here in Stuart. It is so great. In fact, I still can't quite grasp it all. It's a complete body workout, yet I can barely drive home when done because I'm so relaxed! And I always get a great night's sleep and feel great the next day! I so recommend it!