Monday, June 22, 2009

Wow! So much went on this weekend at our house. Stuart was in the gararge re-organizing and packing his stuff. It was 96 degrees out with a heat index of much higher, so Stuart shut the garage door and pulled out the plywood piece with a whole cut out of it for a window A/C unit. He put that over the side garage door and it stayed nice and cool. Stuart thought of this idea back in 2004 when we had the two hurricanes that hit us dead on within three weeks. We were without electric for 2 weeks for one of them and with a generator and this idea, we stayed nice and cool in our bedroom!

On top of packing, I managed to complete many, many craft projects. I made two tutu's for Hollon (one pink, one red) and Hollon absolutely hated them (see previous post). Oh well, she'll love them soon enough! She did enjoy dressing up mommy in thetutu, her new fluffy pink shoes and pink bow!

I also made five iron on onesies. I made her a 4th of July onesie, but had 4 others, so I just got cute little iron-on sayings "Mommy Needs A Nap," "I bite, I bite" (which she is doing right now quite severly, we figured it to be fair warning!). The others say "Daddy Did My Hair" and "The Dog Did It." I added little rhinestone paw prints, bows and other decor to each and they turned out really cute, well, until Hollon decided to smear yogurt all over her new onesie and the couch (oh well, at least she said "yogurt please." I was very happy about that). The red tutu is supposed to go with the 4th of July outfit, but it doesn't look like she's going to tolerate that.

Lastly, Hollon and I finished the Father's Day gifts for daddy, grandaddy and geezer. I can't post pictures of them however, because two gifts are in the mail to the grandads so they haven't seen them yet.

Here's what we wore to church on Sunday. The halter dress came from an adorable little store called the Oystercatcher in Apalachicola, Florida. They carried Lilly, Vineyard Vines among other great clothing.

After church, Stuart loaded 65-70 boxes plus other strangely shaped loose items (antique school chairs, my rolling craft carts, pillows etc.) over to the new house. We would have never chosen to do this on a very hot Father's Day however, we had no choice. Our closing has been moved from the 16th, to the 23rd and now to the 26th. And, we're still not sure that is going to happen. So we moved what we could and are leaving the furniture for the movers. Thankfully, the people buying our house (which is where the hassle is coming from - not them, their mortgage broker), are allowing us to stay in this house for a few extra days since we've been unable to plan at all!

In other news, we are forging on with our potty training! Hollon is now telling me immediately upon "something" happening and running to the potty. Of course, she hasn't made it happen in the potty yet, but she's made the connection! She's also waiting until first thing in the morning to do "something" in her diaper rather than going in the middle of the night. So, we're slowly but surely getting there! I can see a house without diapers in the not so far off future! YAY!!!

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  1. Wow, you are very good w/ the onesies! I wish I had the time and drive to make something like that! I'm sure she'll love the tutu soon enough.