Friday, June 26, 2009

In other news....

We are not closing today. We don't know when we will close. We hope to get more information today so we can make our decisions. The bankers for the people buying our house can't seem to get their acts together, which is very frustrating. Anyways, I know some of you have been following this, so there's a little update. The good thing is we know we will close, but when, and will we still have a house to go to at that point.

So, we are living in "vacation mode." Our house is completely empty except for furniture as we've already moved all the boxes to the new house. We've been eating off paper plates and bowls for 10 days and the house is a dirty mess. We are so ready for this to be all over!

Ms. Molly Lou, I know you understand, I think we have an "Interesting One" as well....tell me it will happen!!

I will leave you with a picture of baby girl's straight hair and new pink and green summer PJ's. She wanted to wear them last night so she insisted on an early bath. And, she's playing with my Victoria's Secret Pink body mist. She loves the smell of it.
It's impossible for us not to smile when she's around, she is just full of energy and happiness. She keeps us positive and motivated! Someone once told me: once you are married to the love of your life and have kids, you feel you could never imagine loving anything any more than you love them. Multiply that by a million and that is how much God loves you. Now that is truly something to think about! And, on that note, I hope you have a great day and I am determinded to have one too!

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