Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wardrobe & Weather Vent

I don't like to vent often on my blog, but this is a tough situation...

I am having SERIOUS wardrobe issues right now. Three-quarters of my wardrobe is spring/summer, one-quarter of it is fall/winter. Of the fall/winter, 1/2 of it I can't wear as it's too big (I have somehow managed to drop one to two sizes since last fall, shocking) and the other 1/2 I can't wear because of my hip problems (they are wear-with-heel items). I don't have but a couple pairs of fall flats.

In addition to my wardrobe dilemma, it's supposed to be 105 degrees today with the humidity. I quote the weather man: "The Treasure Coast is going to feel like someone dropped a hot, damp, wet towel on it."

Two days ago, I was wearing white capris, a pink/white dotted tank and a pink short sleeved sweater with my pink Lilly McKims. Then I see a tweet from Mrs. Janice that she is willing herself not to wear, white, linen, madras or flip flops. She has such etiquette will power, she is just a force of nature when it comes to wardrobe etiquette, I wish I could be like her (she lives in this hot weather like me) and I REALLY want to be a fashion etiquette queen. I am NOT even close to a fashion queen, but I would like to think I'm somewhat eqtiuette-ly correct! NOT that day, I wasn't. I didn't feel so bad, because 90 percent of the people walking around me were in the same type clothing. I can just see Miss Janice and Mint Juleps & Magnolias hanging their heads in shame at me. I KNOW!!! What to do.

But I digress (for a good reason). How on earth am I supposed to wear winter and fall clothes when it is 105 degress outside? I look like a total slob today and my outfit is totally mis-matched. PLEASE, someone give me some advice!! I can't afford to just go out and buy a whole new fall wardrobe, so I'm trying to make do for now.

On that same note, I was wearing flip flops yesterday when I walked out into the yard to get a video of Husband and Lallie looking at the Sandhill Cranes squaking in our yard (it's so cute, I'll post it tomorrow, Lallie was infatuated and wanted to feed them). Yet again, I was wearing long wide leg, drawstring light khaki pants with gold sandals. (Faux pas I tell you!) My video ended abruptly as my arch enemy....FIRE ANTS, started crawling up my now, my feet look like a swollen lump of red mess.

Hey - at least I'm wearing brown Lilly McKims today - I'm in the color ball park!


Okay - next post - a Lallie happy!



  1. It's not quite that warm here, but I can identify with your dilemma as far as not having anything that fits. I'm in the same boat because I just had a baby. I want to buy a new fall wardrobe so badly but that's just not an option.

    I just bought a few pairs of pants and a few tops and I'm mixing and matching the same things over and over again.

    And I don't think most people are as disciplines as Miss Janice when it comes to seasonal wardrobe ettiquette. It stays in the 80s here up until October and I see people wearing linen/ white/ summery clothes/ flip-flops at least a month after Labor Day. I try to follow "the rules" too but it sure does make it difficult to get dressed!

  2. Oh gross! I hate hot, humid weather... probably a good thing I don't live in FL. According to everything I've read, the no white after Labor Day rule is old hat and doesn't apply anymore. My best advice, though, would be cute dresses and skirts that are light and comfortable that you can pair with sandals and flats.

  3. How nice to have dropped some clothing sizes! Can you hem all the pants that require heels? I don;t know how you feel about gap but they have black, heather grey and brown short sleeve favorite tee's that can help make the transition and for not a lot of money. GOod lucka nd I feel your pain.

  4. Well good news, dropping a few sizes, awesome! But 105 in mid October? Crazy crazy! Sounds like you may need to head to the tailors!

  5. Totally understand. I live in New Orleans and it is still like 100 degrees and will probably stay that way till Thanksgiving. I rack up on cute closed toe flats and I’ll wear them with summer clothes.

  6. Congratulations on dropping a few sizes, that is outstanding! But we can also commiserate with the challenge of *literally* having nothing to wear, or feeling like one doesn't have anything appropriate to wear. 105 in October sounds bizarre, and it could definitely create a wardrobe nightmare.

    Sometimes the rules must simply be bent, it's the only solution!

    Sending you a smile for the weekend,

  7. I have yet to figure out the appropriate way to dress for "fall" in Florida. I seem to dress for the temperature and not the time of year.
    I agree with the other comments, a good tailor goes a long way. Congrats on dropping sizes too.