Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pink and Green Thursday!

Happy Thursday Y'all!

I have been super busy today, so for Miss Trish's Pink and Green Thursday, I'll unveil my Pink and Green button!!
Yay!  I made it all by myself in Adobe Photoshop, I am SO proud of myself.  Now!  I need your help.  How on earth do I get a html scroll box?  I have tried and tried and all I get is my picture with a little code underneath (see side bar, that little "/< thingy, why is that there instead of a scroll box?).  I've tried and tried and if you've visited me today, you might have seen the actual code plastered on the side of the blog.  Hey, at least the code was plastered in bright pink (I got the color right!)

The button is a work in progress.  I really want it to be round with a bright pink border and maybe some dots and the ever popular Comic Sans font is so yesterday (in that everyone uses it)! 

I would love to download one of those custom made fonts for the blog posts and maybe even some custom colors since blogger lacks the proper color of pink (again, why is that???)

Eventually, I might even play around with my header a bit (I'm not so much a fan of the little icons anymore).
So, I know it's plain right now, but I love it and I'm proud because I did it all by myself.
Now I sound like my three year old "I did it mommy, I did it!"

Have a great Thursday Y'all!


  1. Hey honey! Send me an email with your code and I'll check it out - I am a PRO at making buttons with code boxes! Teehee! Happy Pink and Green Thursday, and HAPPY NEW BLOG BUTTON! :) xoxo

  2. Very very cute!

    A great website to use for lots of bloggy creativity is Picnik. That's where I made my blog header and did my button. They have adorable fonts and any color (pink) you could want!!

    Go to this site to get help with the button. I just used these instructions last night and it was a breeze!

    If you need any help just email me :) I love being techy!


  3. Great job!! Very cute!

  4. I don't have the first clue about coding, but I do like your button. Very cute!

  5. what a great trend trish has started! congrats on making your own button :) i'm impressed!

  6. Its adorable! I need to make a button sometime soon! I don't know anything with html codes sorry! Hope you had a great Pink and Green Thursday!

  7. Following you from Friday Follow. Pls follow me back too when you get the chance @

    Hope you had a good Pink & Green Thursday..

    I have a giveaway running too in my blog :)

  8. Love it!! I am so impressed you made it yourself. I wish I had access to Photoshop! What fun to create things :)