Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stuart is on his laptop checking out my blog and all the blogs I follow. He understands my weakness for preppy, pink monogrammed things and since I've become a "blog stalker," he's become increasingly concerned as to who I'm following - "do they SELL preppy, pink monogrammed things?" What can I say, I love monograms...I love labels in general. He once bought me one of those label makers and I used all the tape in the first hour of use. Shoe boxes, baskets, shelves, you name it, it was labeled! I'm one of those wanna be Martha Stewart types and labeling goes right along with being Martha Stewart-y.

Anyhow, I'm here on our other older and significantly heavier laptop typing away about the going-ons here in the Trent household. We are full swing ahead with the sale of our house and our big move! We've sold the boat (trading it in for a pool), 50% of the house is packed away (which I had to unpack four boxes last night looking for the books that go with the boat) and the house is starting to look empty. At least there are still toys all over the house (along with little bits of tape and box pieces from where Hollon has torn off bits of the packed boxes), so it still appears somewhat habited. The floors are a mess, but I've gotten to clean furniture that hasn't seen the light of day in years (underneath books most notably). Am I supposed to clean a house before I vacate it for the next people? I hope not...I just assume they would come in a clean after us - I would hope, maybe not?

Stuart and are actually quite sad to be leaving this house. We have talked over the years about moving back home to Kentucky, or at least closer. However, we've slowly realized that Florida is now our home and this has been our house for 7 years. Afterall, we became husband and wife while living in Florida, we bought our first house here, we've established our careers here, we've given birth to our first child here. Our lives as "The Florida Trents"..., is in Florida and largely these changes have happened in this, our first house. Most of all, we've realized that Florida is the place that God has intended for us. So, we're packing up our memories and moving a couple of blocks away, in the same little town, to start the new chapter of our lives. I guess it's one of those feelings that is hard to describe.

So, I will miss Hollon and Stuart chasing each other around our central fireplace. I will miss U.K. sliding across the slippery wet tile floor when coming in from a rainy day. I will miss sitting in the sunroom while Stuart makes his phenomenal peach cobbler. I will miss the purple showers that have taken over our side yard. I will miss our wonderful neighbors, espeically the three kids next door. I will even miss the skylight in our bedroom that peeps sunlight right on top of our bed at the crack of dawn and makes sounds like spoons on your forehead when there's a torrential downpour. I will miss the unmistakable sound that "daddy's home" when the garage door starts opening. There are a lot of things that I will miss....most specifically, that our child is growing up, we are growing older, and our lives are changing.

I will however, not miss having the laundry room in the garage. I think I threw Stuart's tools on the floor of the garage the other day from off the top of the washing machine and yelled "the laundry room is mine in the new house!" (Note - whenever I use the word "I", I am referring to both Stuart and I).

That being said, Stuart and I constantly pray to God for guidance, patience, assistance and so much more in the start of a new chapter of our lives. We ask that God continue to watch over us, to help us make the right decisions, and we feel in our guts that this is the right decision. We ask that he bless us and our new house, that it become a home in God's name. And we ask a special blessing on the people moving into our home and the people moving across the country from the home into which we are moving. Most of all, we thank God for this opportunity, we've been praying for it for two years and I think we finally realize why now is the time, and not before. Afterall, everything is in God's time, not ours and we are so truly blessed.


  1. We moved one year ago. It was bittersweet at the time. The best 13 years of my life took place at the old house so it was hard to leave. I'm thrilled to be in our new house but I do know how you feel. It's nice to have the good memories of a place you love. Best wishes on the move and on the new house.

  2. What a great post!
    I'm thrilled for you! I'll be thinking of you during the move!