Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blog Name POLL

Okay blogger buddies, it's time to choose my new blog name. I had over 60 entries, so it was very difficult, but these are my favorites: names in which I can add a tag line to describe my preppy working mommy-wife life!

So, which name do you like the best? Post a comment here and on Monday, Friday, August 4th, I'll annouce the winning name. The winner will receive the monogrammed tin from Whitney Caroline Designs with the two runner-ups receiving something from my pink-and-green stash.

As to be fair - I will not moderate the comments to this post. Here they are, in no particular order:

1) Preppy & Perfectly Managed

2) The Preppy Chronicles

3) Southern Living: Preppy Style

Okay - post away!

~ smooches ~


  1. I like the the #3 suggestion. You have a wide umbrella of which to post about.

  2. my orderis
    favorite 3
    next 1
    last 2

    hope that makes sense

  3. I like # 3 and #1, although I think #1 might be hard to live up to! :)

  4. I know Seersucker Scrapper - that's why I liked and picked #1...perfectly managed for all moms is a wishful thought! ;-)

  5. well, I like #2 because its like chronicling your life and family life ;). But they are all great options!!
    What a fun way to pick your blog name!!

  6. I love them all, but especially the Southern Living.

    I've tried and tried to come up with something that combines pink and green, Florida and UK for you, but it just hasn't clicked. I'm sure it will hit me as soon as you pick a name!


  7. I like the second one. It lets you post about all of the things you do now with out changing your focus or calling for a narrower focus.

  8. I like number 3. Even those of us "up north" are still southern living and can relate :-).