Thursday, August 13, 2009

This makes me wish I were in grammar school again!

I received Lallie's school paperwork today and accompanying it was the Land's End catalog for ordering uniforms. I know, I know, Lallie's only two and they don't even make her size in these clothes, but I am TOTALLY buying these when she can fit into them.

I can just see her wearing this little adorable prep-school outfit with the plaid belt and headband?

...or maybe this adorable little pink shirt with knee socks and either a button-up sweater or argyle pullover vest? I used to wear knee socks with my Catholic school uniforms. They were really not cool in my days in school. If we only knew.

I tried to upload some very cute moc shoes and mary jane's. They actually make the moc shoes in women's sizes, perfect for fall/winter.



  1. I know exactly what you mean.
    I didn't go to public/parochial school but so wish I did-especially for the uniforms!

  2. I meant I didn't go to Private/parochial.
    I went to public

  3. Super Cute!!!!! Hope you have a great rest of the week! = )

  4. What cute uniforms!

  5. I can so see myself wearing that!