Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Preppy Crafting

Now that we are all moved and my craft room is nearly set-up, I'm beginning to get back into crafting full swing...preppy crafting that is! Completing projects was always difficult in our old house as the guest bedroom doubled as my craft room, but wasn't big enough for a desk. So, when family and friends came to stay, everything had to be put away. That, and I just don't like disorganization, especially when trying to complete crafts on a bed. Think of me like you would the Marcia Cross character on Desperate Housewives: everything has it's place and must be in its place at all times, or the mommywife will go mad! Ask Hubby, he'll concur on this point!

My new craft room is also a guest bedroom, but much larger and will likely not be used much...until baby #2...way far off into the future (sorry grandparents, just not there yet!) I will have fantastic organization and won't have to put everything a way one day just to pull it all out again the next. In addition, my plans include curtains for some of my storage shelves so that on the off chance someone needs the room, I can just snap them shut! I will post pictures when it's completely done (I haven't hung a thing on the walls anywhere in the house yet.)

What will my first projects entail? Hubby, Lallie and I had run to Target this weekend. As you may know, Smith & Hawkins is getting ready to go out of business. I'm not sure what this will mean for the Target line of Smith & Hawkins, but everything was on sale, I think 30-70% off. I saw a few things that got my wheels turning for some possible projects. A couple weeks ago, I had found some great t-shirts that are super comfortable and a style that can be worn to work, for $5.00! I needed one in green, so I went back today to pick one up. I swung through the Smith & Hawkins aisle, and it all just came together, my crafting gears were well oiled and I could just picture finished projects, lots of them! I picked up several for about $25.00 and over the next few weeks, I'll be posting pictures and tutorials for the super easy projects I have in mind. Anyone can pull off these little tricks and I bet some of you will be saying, "hmmmmm, why didn't I think of that?"

And of course....all of them will be preppy (fall preppy that is!)

~ smooches ~

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  1. Your crafting room sounds awesome! Thanks for the heads up on Target, may have to make a trip out to there to go check out those sales!