Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Recap - Part 1

Get ready for lots of pictures! Friday, grandma, Lallie and I went to the Treasure Coast Children's Museum. This is where the JL mixer will be tomorrow night. It is such a cute place and Lallie loved it!

They had a mini Publix supermarket. Would you like a donut?

Lallie adored playing with the carts and shopping for goodies. It took a few minutes to catch on, but once she did, watch out fellow shoppers! Of course, Lallie has a thing for purses, and anything with straps that will go over the arm (like mommy's), so she piled as many baskets on her arm as possible. By the way, she's wearing one of the dresses I made her! Isn't it cute?

Next, we went over to the beach area at the museum and played on the slide, obstacle course and boat. She went down the slide and through the course, in multiple ways, many, many times!

Lallie piled us all into the boat for a picture. She loves taking pictures this way and it's the ONLY way she'll look and smile at the camera at the same time!

Later, after we got home and after nap, we all went for a swim, including Mr. Ukey Doo.

Guess what Granny? Lallie finally decided to enjoy the big fish! (Oh blogger friends, if only you knew about the big fish - I've been sworn to blog secrecy - meaning I'm not allowed to post the pictures...BUT, can you visualize Husband and his friend, Muncle sitting on it, treating it like a bucking bronco?)

How did we spend our Friday evening? With the best part of my parents dad cooking for us! He loves to cook and always makes fabulous meals, a lot of them international dishes. We had fish tacos and a great summer salad while they were here. Last night, Husband (still trying to think of a good nickname) made his fantastic baby back ribs! Oh, they are so yummy and a real treat as it takes nearly all day to make them. Boy, does your mouth water when you smell them for HOURS before the meal. Sadly, they were all gone in about 15 minutes!

The other best mom relaxing with Grandma, giving us a nice break and giving her a great chance to snuggle with the one and only grandchild. This was at 8:30 at night, a little late for bed, but how could one possibly interrupt this moment?

Last but not least (for part 1 anyways), here's Lallie again, with her shopping bags and wearing my mom's Tilley hat. She loves hats, sunglasses and purses. She's so girly that's for sure!

More later!