Friday, August 14, 2009

Upholstered Headboards

Daddy was out of town earlier this week and is now home sick in bed. It's been all mommy and Lallie time this week. So family, I'm sorry I don't have many pictures to share.

I do however, want to ask opinions of everyone. The Upholstered Headboard....what are you thoughts? Like, Maybe, Utter Dislike? Personally, I'm conflicted! I'm keenly interested in my mother-in-law's thoughts as well, she has great decorating taste.

The upholstered headboard is in every magazine from House Beautiful to Coastal Living to Ballard Designs catalog (by the way MIL, did you know there is a Ballard Design Outlet in Tampa and Jacksonville?!?!?) I don't quite know if I like this style or not. My master bedroom adorns a very LARGE black mission style wooden bed, I love it. We don't have any headboards in our other rooms yet, but since we just moved and this will be our long-term home, I'm looking at all the decorating possibilities. I'd like to switch things up a bit, but I don't want to leave my comfort zone.

Along with this, Lallie will be in a big girl bed sometime within the next year - closer to the age of three. I LOVE the fabric headboard for a girls room. In fact, I'm thinking twin beds, for her and a little sleep over friend or if we ever have another girl, to share a room and have another room as a playroom/homework den. Just thoughts. I think this headboard idea is fabulous in a color other than pink. I can picture it now, two twin beds with a cute rug in between and a little nightstand.

I clipped the following out of a magazine (am I allowed to do that? Oh well). I LOVE this room, everything about it. It's crisp and fresh and the colors so vibrant, yet calming and relaxing. Perfect for a guest bedroom. I also love how they tucked the sheets under and didn't use a duvet or quilt but simply rather laid one over the bed. It's simple and comfortable, you just feel invited into this room.

These other headboards (I hope you can see them), I'm not crazy about the styles. A bit over-dramatic. I like simple elegant. I don't want a bed in which I'm uncomfortable sleeping, as if the bed is an untouchable fixture (like formal living room furniture when you sit on the very edge of the couch sipping your tea). The bed should be inviting and welcoming, luxurious. The "Less is more" approach. Am I letting the bold fabrics get in my mind's way? Would they look better to me in a solid, more muted fabrics? I just don't know!

I do love the wood backed fabric covered head board. It brings a little umph to the room without going over the top. It's inviting.

There are so many styles of upholstered headboards these days and they are increasingly growing in popularity. I do think I'm going to look into these for Lallie's room, I think that would be very cute.

What do you think about the upholstered headboard? Do you have one or would you buy one or have one made? I hear it's not too terribly difficult to make one yourself either.

Let me know, I'd love to hear!



  1. I like them, especially for children's rooms. For Lallie, this is what I want to do with Mini #2 when she moves to a bed. Create an upholstered headboard and then paint her initials in the center. Monogrammed and preppy. It is also a cheaper redecorating idea if you decide to switch up fabrics/colors. I wouldn't do it to all, but I love those pictures you found.

  2. I was just talking to my mom about upholstered headboards. I love them. I want to do one in my room.

  3. I like the second one.

  4. I love upholstered head boards! My guest room bed has one!

  5. I know what I twittered last night...but those pics could seriously change my mind! hope you have a great weekend!! = )

  6. I love them, and the basic ones are really easy to make.

  7. I love them! I think they are really cute in a little girls room. I would probably do a slip cover one thought (like pottery barn) in case you wanted to change out the fabrics.

  8. Yes. I am a big fan of the upholstered headboard. Even just for the practical benefits. Great for reading in bed. Something everyone ought to do:0.

  9. Yes Yes Yes!
    Love them!!!
    I have seen one somewhere where is was monogrammed, ugh, to die for!

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