Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend Recap

First off, I just want to thank all my blogger buddies for their sweet comments about Lallie. I post pictures not only because I love her, but so our family and friends up north can see her daily activities. Having my blogger friends take interest as well, is nice. I enjoy seeing your familys as well!

The weekend, as always, seems like such a blur. It always trots by so fast! It started out on a high note when I picked Lallie up from school. She ran out the door to greet me, jingling all the way. Yes, jingling! She had taken a dozen or so wrist jingle bells and wrapped them all around her leg. Thankfully, I was quick enough to run to the car, get the camera and run back without her crying (thinking I'd left) or stopping what she was doing!

Saturday, we took a trip to HomeGoods and then to Wallie World. We were on the hunt for little plastic OJ tumblers for Lallie. She's off the sippie cup now, so we needed indestructible, small, but re-usuable cups. Wal-mart didn't have any! HomeGoods after searching for a while, did have them in pink, blue, green and orange. Very cute. Here's Lallie's preppy little outfit for the day, she was so cute!

We got home and I ended up with a horrible headache. I couldn't even lay out in the pool for Lallie's nap! I took a 2 hour nap instead. It was present all night long and I ended up going to bed quite early.

Sunday, was significantly better. I was able to work a small amount of my craft projects (which I will post- my camera isn't working properly today). I'm waiting for my mom to get here next week to help me with my sewing machine, it's all jammed up and I don't know why. We swam in the pool in the morning, swam during nap, swam in the evening. We just had a great day.



  1. Wow, off sippy cups already!? That's awesome!

  2. Oh my, she is adorable!! Those jingle bells cracked me up!! So sweet!!

  3. Love the belt and hair bow! She's a vision of cuteness!