Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Fun!!!

1. We have a Strawberry Guava tree in our yard! How neat is that! Husband discovered that this normal looking tree was bearing fruit last week. He didn't know what the berry (size of a cherry) was so opened one up to take a taste (but just a taste. After all, you shouldn't eat it if you don't know what it is.) It was unbelievably sweet. Seriously, one of the sweetest fruits I've ever tasted. After some research, we discovered that it is a Strawberry Guava Tree. The fruit has hard seeds, is soft like a peach, has skin like a cherry and has the gritty texture of a pear. I can't describe the taste, just yummy! Husband is going to make a jelly / jam (what is the difference) with the fruit!

2. I've made another dress, isn't it cute? I'm thinking that once I get really good at making these I might open my own Etsy shop! That is, if I can resist putting them on Lallie, they look so cute on her!

3. Someone has hired me to make some of my pink & green grosgrain ribbon topiaries for party centerpieces! I am so excited that someone is interested enough in them for me to make them. I'm going to work on them this weekend and will show off the finished product then. Maybe I'll add these to my Etsy shop. Hmmmm.

4. I'm sorry that I have absolutely NO pictures of Lallie from this week. She hasn't been in the most fabulous mood and picture taking has NOT been an option for her. I will get to the Post #2 of our last weekend's recap (we went to the zoo, better known as Lion Country Safari). It's on Husband's camera which is at home and I'm not allowed to touch it without supervision. LOL!!

5. I am so excited about our trip up to Kentucky next week! First off, my parents just left so I'm a little down-in-the-dumps. I always am for a few days when my parents leave because I won't see them for a few months. Going to Kentucky to see Husband's family will most definitely cheer me up (until we leave!) Plus, it's a farm....relaxing, fresh air, animals to pet and play with, fresh vegetables, home cookin', I could go on.

The other reason, I am going to my very FIRST Tobacco Festival. Small town affairs commemorating harvests (in this case, tobacco, other places, the corn, molasses, whatever) are so much fun with local bands, fantastic food (i.e. home-cookin' or funnel cakes!), and they still throw out candy at the parades. Usually, for this particular town, it's a homecoming for those moved away to reunite with old friends. Husband's high school buddy, Johnny, will be there too. They were apparently inseparable in high school! I'm really excited about it, brings back memories. I used to go to Mule Days in my grandmother's town (which is actually smaller) every year and we'd have!

My best friend, Laura, and I loved it so much, we would drive separately in our high school days to my grandma's farm so we could have free access to come and go as we please. We would cruise into town in Laura's fancy black celica convertible with the top down blaring Low Rider on the CD player (you know, because of the Dazed and Confused album) and my super cool cousin, Aaron, would strut over to car and hop in and ride along with us. We were SO COOL (oh my goodness, we must have looked like total wierdos!) LOL!!!! Going to these small festivals bring back memories. In addition, I think it will be great for Lallie to see some good ole' hometown southern charm where people still wave at strangers.

TGIF everyone!



  1. Love that need to make Mini #2 one. It is so cute...great job.

    oh, Lion Country Safari....

    Do you take Lallie to the PB zoo? That fruit sounds amazing...I didn't know it existed. I love guava. I became slightly obsessed when Mr. worked in Jamaica.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. LOVE the dress! You should certainly open an etsy shop!

  3. I love that dress! I seriously need to learn how to make clothes!

  4. That dress is adorable!
    Hope you enjoy your vacation in Kentucky!!

  5. Love the dress! I was going to attempt a pillow case dress for Payton soon. Enjoy your trip to Kentucky!

  6. I think jam has seeds and jelly doesn't. I could be COMPLETELY wrong. But it's Saturday morning, so I think it's like parking, I can say dumb things with no penalty right?

  7. I have never heard of that fruit, interesting...and cute dress..have a great time in Kentucky!