Thursday, August 27, 2009

Haphazard Thursday

Okay, so I know that Haphazard Thursday isn't really my blog title, I'm borrowing it from Molly Lou Gifts who has actually turned out to be quite a blog friend! I love Molly Lou, her personality, her adorable shop, her kiddos. You should really check out her blog.

Anyways, I'm borrowing Haphaazrd Thursday as that is exactly what I am having!

1. Everything started out normal this morning until I got a call from Lallie's school 10 minutes after I dropped her off. First thought "crud, that crud she woke up with is bad, she's sick and I have to go get her." If only that were really the case. No, the school has scheduled a conference with Husband and I regarding Lallie's biting! She has a very feisty personality, she has 7 teeth coming in and when frustrated with another person, she takes it out on the other kid. She's done this MULTIPLE times, but now the school is getting serious. This is the first step towards dismissal. SHE'S TWO YEARS OLD....BARELY! Frustrating. What do I do? My MIL suggested a child psychologist, which I'll try anything to keep her at this school. She loves it, we love it and after the horrendous issues we've had with other schools, we've finally become comfortable here. *Talking to myself* "Jenn, calm down, she's fine, we're all fine. This is for us on dealing with the issue, not for her. Okay?" *Stop talking to myself* Okay, I'm fine now. Any idea, help???? Surely you moms who read this have had issues with this, what do I do? (Update - I think we will see the psychologist, but mostly for the united front Hubby and I need to have with Lallie. I like the reward idea. In addition, since we have ZERO family here to help us with this, maybe an outside onlooker will be of help - can't hurt to try once, eh? If we don't like it, we'll pass! I'm definitely willing!)

Okay - benefits to biting..... 1) She's a fiesty girl like her mommy and daddy, she takes after us both (Lord, help us...I'm really praying here). 2) I definitely won't have to motivate my daughter to do anything. 3) she's so curious about the world, so smart, loving and absolutely hilarious!. 4) she's very independent and I love that about her. 5) too many to name...

Okay - this is one hurdle, we'll get past it!

2. Moving on.... I am having people over for dinner Saturday night. WHAT WAS I THINKING??? Why didn't we just go out? I don't mind cooking for really close friends or family who understand my lack of cooking expertise. But seriously, what am I going to make for these new friends. If they only knew what they are in for? I can usually make one dish great, but I am assuming that my guests would like sides to go with their main dish? Maybe? Maybe not?

From past blogs, you may think I love to cook. That couldn't be further from the truth. Let me clarify, I love to collect recipes and read them, I do not cook them. I have them all organized alphabetically by dish in a binder and indexed. It's scary really.

Any ideas for a non-cooker dinner party would be helpful!

3. I am completely irived as I have some how become malwooded with kupensem. Apparently this disease is caused by hermicip sylbas which comes from overuse of deslyn powder. It causes me to be poopeyed and peeplayed and also causes turrets. I've been saying all sorts of random things like sexybonsy. Seriously, I think the doctor should prescribe some slybas slisim because I don't think I can take much more of this randomness.

(By the way, that was just a silly paragraph using some of the words I have to type to leave comments on other blogs. I do not have "kupensem" and there is no such disease as "hermicip sylbas." Though, my mom, who's a bacteriologist might say that it sounds like a familiar bug =)

4. I need a new blog nickname for my husband. "Hubby" "Daddy" and "Husband" aren't working. I would use "Mr. T." but I don't know that I would consider him an 80's, gold-chain wearing, mohawk, McGyver type guy and I'm not sure my bloggy friends would really get a true picture of him. Need to think about this one.

I did however, type my name into Google and nothing led anyone to this blog, which is good. I don't need any creepy stalkers or I'll go private. So, this was a good thing (considering my full name is the blog URL - again, what WAS I thinking?) I could change the URL but that would throw off some of my non-fellow blogger family/friends that I'd have to inform them of the change.

5. We're going on a long weekend trip next weekend. To take white capris, to not take them? To take my summer Lilly, to not take them? We're going to Kentucky, it will be hot. BUT, it's Labor Day weekend and all you ladies out there know what that means? No white shoes or pants until Labor Day! Being I'm a south Florida girl now, I'm wondering if I can at least get away with the white pants until Derby day anyways.

6. I saw this quote over at Chic & Pink. “Never let someone be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.” This is so true whether it relates to relationships or friendships. Wow, this kind of bonked me on the head this morning like that V-8 commercial for reasons left unspoken.

OKAY - suggestions please - on your mark, get set, GO!



  1. Oh, so much to say...

    First of all, thanks for the blog love. I love you and you are welcome to use Haphazard Thursday. It really is necessary and this is much cheaper than seeing a therapist.

    Second, Lallie does not need to see a psychologist. she is TWO YEARS OLD. This is completely normal and developemental for this age and not to mention you said she is getting 7 teeth...holy moly. Children this age are just learning how to express themselves and how they are feeling. Unfortunately, Lallie is learning the wrong way to express her frustration. How about a reward system? (some see this as bribing), but it is a reward for good behavior. Set up the rules, (so many days, stickers, etc.)for no biting and then give her a reward each time she makes it.

    Or, a "safe place" in her classroom. I had one and my sister who teaches kindergarten does too. When Lallie's teachers see her getting frustrated or upset, they let Lallie go to a happy or "safe place." It is a spot in the room for her to go, not so much a timeout, but an area for her to read or rest until she has calmed down. She can decide when to come out, etc. I have so many more ideas, but I am clearly already writing a novel. BREATHE...she is fine. NORMAL, NORMAL, NORMAL.

    Loved your chic and pink quote...need to write that down.

    I cook, but hate it, so unfortunately I am not going to be much help. You have such great decorating ideas, set the table super cute and no one will notice. :) If I think of something, I'll let you know. Sorry I am not more of a help.

  2. I vote to take the summer clothes and white capris! Send summer off with a bang!

    Good luck with Little Miss Lallie!

  3. Thanks miss Molly Lou. The psychologist is actually more for us parents then her, I don't expect her to sit and listen to a psychologist. So, it's worth a shot. Since we're working parents, I think it might be good for Husband and I to form a unified front. The school is doing the quiet time thing too and I've been really keeping close tabs on the situation. They've been handling it very well and for months! We'll go have the conference and see what the teachers say.

    I should try the reward system - you think she'll remember though since I tell her in the morning and she'll remember until 5 pm? it's worth a shot - now I need to add some of your cute stickers to my order! =)

  4. My children weren't biters, but from every other friend that I know who has HAD a biter it's always been a communication issue.

    She's only two. This, too, shall pass. (Just keep repeating that...)

    I would pass on the shrink. I have strong opinions about that only because a certain family member is currently taking his son to one to "learn how to play" and he's only four years old.

    I wish I could help with the dinner party, but I'm in scramble mode myself. We're having a cookout this weekend - complete with blue crabs - and flippin' Tropical Storm Dennis is supposed to be right off our coast (I'm in Va Beach, VA) on Saturday morning. Ack!

  5. Oh missy, good luck with the little biter! No kiddos yet, so no help there. Nut as far as having people over for dinner, you can't go wrong when putting something on the grill! And white capris! You can get away with them through the weekend for sure!

  6. Just found your it! Can't help you with the 'biting' kids are too old and I don't remember what I did to help them stop.

    But I can help you with an easy, fun dinner....

    Use bag mixed lettuces
    dried blueberries or cranberries
    feta or blue cheese, crumbled
    chopped nuts: pecans, walnuts, pine nuts or whatever
    chopped green onions

    Canola oil
    Golden Balsamic vinegar
    Fresh cracked black pepper
    Sea Salt

    Mix greens and other ingredients in a large bowl...using how much you need for how many people you'll be serving.

    Just before serving, sprinkle salad with salt and pepper, toss. Swirl with oil then vinegar, tossing between each.

    Purchase a couple of rotisserie chickens from your local grocery or Sam's club. Keep warm in oven until serving.

    Serve steamed vegies: broccoli, asparagus, or corn on the cob.

    Fresh fruit such as: rasberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries. Mix all together in a large bowl.

    1 cup plain yogurt
    1 cup whipping cream
    1 cup sour cream
    1 cup brown sugar
    Mix the 1st 3 ingregients in a bowl [with lid]until completely combined. Sprinkle brown sugar over top of cream mixture.DO NOT MIX THE BROWN SUGAR IN!
    Refrigerate 24 hours. Remove from the frig and stir the brown sugar into the mixture. Serve the fruit in pretty bowls [martini glasses are good!] and spoon cream over the fruit.

    Enjoy! your party

  7. Stephanie: You are my hero! Not only will I try these, I'll put them in my recipe collection ;-) Thank you so much!

  8. I don't have children, but I do have a co-worker whose child was a biter. It seemed like it was just a phase and went away eventually. I really don't think that she needs to see a psychologist. That is just my 2 cents ;)

    Good luck with the dinner party. I am sure that everything will be great.

    I really do love that quote and thank you for the "shout out". I definitely relate to that with friends now and related to it more with men when I was single. It’s so funny how things change over time. I'm in a good spot now, but sometimes my friends can be a little selfish. That quote really puts things into perspective.

  9. In another life I was a toddler teacher. For the life of me I can not remember what we did to stop the biters in our classroom. I do recall trying to work with parents who did not want to work with us and eventually were booted from the center. It is a phase, she will grow out of it, but a solution needs to be found. Wish I had a good one for you....
    Good luck with the dinner Saturday night. Salad, and Lasagna is pretty easy.