Thursday, August 27, 2009

I can't go Downtown....

....without window shopping. By Downtown, I mean downtown Stuart, Florida. They have the cutest shops including one of my personal favorites, Tootsies Too. It's a high end shoe shop that just happens to sell Lilly Pulitzer shoes and accessories.

I try to stay away as much as possible however, that proves to be a difficult task when you manage two of the buildings, including the one housing Tootsies! So, I'm standing right in front of their store, with a contractor, looking at a water meter, when I look up and spot this:

Of course, I took a double take, I've only seen them on-line. Then I see a few handbags that aren't Lilly but super cute and very affordable for the fall season (but I already have my fall bag, so I was just being nosy). I turn around and look at the contractor who was on the phone at the time and he said "window shopping, eh? My wife would love that bag!"

So, once I was done with the contractor, I went into to store to look at the backpack. HUGE for my daughter who's two and weighs 20 lbs., maybe a little more. But then, oh BUT THEN, I turn around and see this:

It's the perfect size for Lallie and how appropriate that it's a turtle because she is in the Sea Turtle room at her Montessori school! It was very affordable too and I can just see her now with a little backpack on as she marches into school each morning. I wouldn't use it for school, would get too dirty. But, we're heading out for a long weekend fall trip next week and I think she'd love this to carry her toys and DVDs for the airplane ride! Not to mention, they are very well made! Way to go Lilly!



  1. Lallie so needs that. It is PERFECT for her.

  2. I did a double take when I saw the picture of the backpack! Too cute for your little girl!

  3. Hi, I just found your blog - wanted to say hi! This post makes me SO notalgic for Stuart - I LOVE tootsies! My parents have a house there in Sewall's Landing and spent every winter there until my dad died. My mom rarely ever goes back now, but I love that area! So happy I found your blog!!!

  4. I wish I knew how big it was before I bought it. I too thought perfect for Little Miss M, but it is gigantic. Now I am thinking, it might just be my backpack in Disney in a couple of weeks.

    By the way, I bought that paint can at Michaels in the gift wrap section.