Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lilly and my office

As you know, I have my first Junior League meeting next week and I happened to be in Jupiter yesterday for a meeting. So, I dropped by The Gardens Mall to go see if Lilly Pulitzer had any dresses on sale. Oh, yes they did!

Since we bought the house, we're on a budget (surprise, surprise), so I can't spend $300.00 + on a dress right now (or ever for that matter!). But it is S. Florida, so I can wear summer practically 'til November (plus it's Lilly, wear it anytime). I was able to pick up one of the summer shifts for....are you ready....$79.00!!! I couldn't believe that they had it in my size, but they had quite a few items in my size that were on sale. So, this is what I chose:

Of course, my office is always absolutely FREEZING, so I brought along my 50th Jubilee sweater. Not exactly the same pinks, but again, it's Lilly, so who cares. I matched the outfit up with my pink McKims and a 1" grosgrain ribbon as a headband. Definitely my new favorite outfit!

Now, onto my office...I am certainly the brightest thing in there, it's looking a little drab and "bleh". It's hard to spice it up though with papers and blueprints everywhere! I also have three pairs of shoes in various locations: tennis shoes for roof-walking, wellies for the rainstorms when I don't want to get my sandals wet, and an old black pair of Guess flats that I really need to throw out! In addition, I have a Tommy Hilfiger lime green jacket that's been here since January, maybe I should take that home. I am certainly not as organized here as I am at home!

Eventually I might get around to spicing up my office which might, in turn, entice me to keep it neater. I need to do it tres inexpensively though as most of the decor will usually be covered in shoes, articles of clothing and paperwork. I'm thinking Marshall's??? Maybe next month!



  1. I love that Lilly. You look so cute and coordinated!

    Have fun at JL. You'll love it!

  2. Love the outfit!!! You look so summery and sooo Lilly.

  3. That Lilly out fit is adorable!
    I miss the Gardens Mall. It was always a stop when my grandparents were alive and living in Jupiter.

  4. Love the Lilly!
    I swear I think I'm the only person not in Junior League..

    Are you an architect or do you work in construction? I ask..b/c there are lots of blueprints in my house and all over my husbands office (he's a Gen Contractor)

  5. Oh how I miss The Gardens Mall, Palm Beach Gardens, and know we lived there right by PGA National.

    Love your make that office look good. That will be the perfect outfit to your JL meeting. Great score on the sales that all you purchased???

  6. You look great!! what a deal you got!! Hope you have a great weekend!! = )

  7. Darling darling! That was one of my favorites shift dresses this season!

  8. So pretty!

    I tagged you!


  9. That sweater looks perfect with the shift! I love it!

  10. That dress looks absolutely fabulous MIss SLPS, just beautiful! And the pink cardigan is a great touch, especially if you are working in an icebox.

    Hope you weekend is going well,

  11. You look fabulous!

  12. You look absolutely adorable in your new Lilly shift. I adore that shift and you got it for a great price!